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Local Loves: 12RND Fitness

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12RND might only have been open seven weeks before COVID-19 forced them to suspend operations, but that doesn’t mean those seven weeks didn’t pack a punch—literally.

“In those seven short weeks we managed to create such an incredible supportive community,” says 12RND owner Marie Anagnostis, who has been part of the Canberra fitness industry for 15 years.

The Belconnen studio is Canberra’s first 12RND, but there are around 70 other locations across Australia. Marie says she’s excited to bring the cult workout to Canberrans.

“12RND is a 12-station circuit that combines boxing, strength and cardio,” she explains. “Each station is three minutes with 30 seconds in between. A 12RND session takes 45 minutes.”

But for those intimidated by the boxing aspect, Marie says they needn’t be.

“You don’t need any experience in boxing—or strength or cardio for that matter! We show you everything from scratch and there are coaches in every session.”

One of the most unique aspects of 12RND is that there are no class start times.

“Turn up at any time during the opening hours and we will put you on a free station and off you go,” says Marie, adding that many members find this convenience the ultimate selling point, as you can never be late to class.

Luckily, due to 12RND’s layout, the facility is perfectly suited to physical distancing so can reopen as soon as restrictions allow for 20 people.

“Our 12 rounds (or stations) have plenty of room in between—our facility has a maximum capacity of 24 in any case—so the 20 person cap won’t be much of a stretch to regular trading,” says Marie, adding that 12RND will also be stocking plenty of hand sanitizer, hand wash and anti-bacterial spray to keep its members and staff safe.

12RND also has an offer for new members—the Grand Opening 2.0 No Contract Membership for just $60 per week.

Membership includes $198 worth of goodies, including boxing gloves valued at $69 and a MyZone heart rate monitor valued at $129 as well as a 1:1 induction so as soon as the doors open you will be ready to hit the ground running

Offer is limited to the first 25 people or until 30 May, whichever comes first.


What: 12RND Belconnen
When: Open Monday – Thursday 5 am – 10 am and 4 pm – 7.30 pm. Friday 5 am – 10 am and Saturday 6.30 am – 9.30 am
Email: belconnen@12round.com
Website: 12round.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/12rndbelconnen
Instagram: @12rndbelconnen



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