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Sustainable Life: Post-lockdown, pre-festive season reset

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Exercise, home school, work video conference, a special family moment, finish of some more work, late-night Netflix binge…and repeat for ten weeks.

Throughout lockdown, we were living on high alert. Parents of small children didn’t get a moment’s rest. People living alone couldn’t connect with important people in their lives. Our minds have become wound up like a coiled metal spring.

With kids back at school and restaurant’s open, the hours have opened up. It’s time to take a deep breath, let that spring uncoil and re-set our lives—before the silly season sets in.

Here are four ways to hit the re-set button and get life with eased restrictions back on track.

Enable your body to unwind

Give yourself permission to treat your body to some deep relaxation. Book in for a massage or a yoga retreat—you deserve it! Maybe getting your nails done or simply a haircut and colour is how you like to unwind.

Some people like to get into the bush and walk for a day, others like to spend time in the garden. It’s not what you do that matters, it’s the intention to enable your body to unwind that counts. Seek that inner place of calm.

Connect with people who nourish your spirit

Seek out people who bring your joy and invite them to connect. Lunches and coffees are back on the menu—hooray! Eating out is a great way to support small businesses that have struggled through the lockdown.

Not comfortable eating in a crowd? Get takeaway and have a picnic by the lake or in a local park. Have some friends over for brunch or dinner. Most people have been doing it pretty tough and hearing stories from other people might just help to make sense of your lockdown experience.

Get organised

Make time to look at all of those things that slipped because life was too busy in lockdown. Re-design the kitchen, book a family holiday, get your car serviced, fix the fence.

Some people love getting organised and for others, it’s a chore. Choose the jobs that are important to you. Take it one step at a time and you’ll feel better for simply having taken back control of your life.

Build back better

Ok, this phrase is borrowed from US President Jo Biden. What did you learn about the things that are important to you in this lockdown?

Did it clarify that you really want that promotion, or that working a four day week is your dream. Is it time to start a side-hustle that brings your joy?

Every crisis has a silver lining of opportunity, but not everyone finds that opportunity. Now that the lockdown is over, how will you create the life that you’ve always dreamed of living.

The present moment is always the most powerful moment in your life. Now is the time to find your re-set button and seize the day!

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