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Parents—have you met Nature Play CBR’s outdoor activity ‘play’ lists?

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The Great Outdoors is where everyone wants to be at the moment. Not just to soak up summer, but also to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

So, to that end, we have a resource that will provide (almost) endless inspiration for the small people in your house. Putting the play in playlists, parents of young children are missing out if they haven’t yet discovered Nature Play CBR’s playlists.

How about creating a wind chime out of found objects? Or going on a hunt for different feathers? How does putting on some old clothes and finding some mud to roll around in sound to you?

These are just some of the creative ideas Nature Play CBR has dreamed up for kids of all ages in their Nature Playlists. An ACT Government initiative to inspire kids to play safely outdoors in creative and unstructured ways, Nature Play CBR has oodles of resources when it comes to shaking up outside play. Find the full Nature Playlists here.

  • Go on a picnic under the shade of a tree.
  • Go on a feather hunt—how many different feathers can you find?
  • Make your own wind chime by using items around the house.
  • Plant some flowers in a pot.
  • Climb a tree.
  • Take a walk to feed the ducks.
  • Spend time lying down watching the sky. What different shapes can you find?
  • Blow a dandelion flower and make a wish.
  • Investigate the backyard or local park with a magnifying glass.
  • Turn a tree into something magical! Decorate a tree with nature-inspired ornaments.
  • Get up early and go for a bushwalk, listening and spotting wildlife along the way.
  • Float a leaf in a pond or stream.
  • Collect long sticks from your yard or neighbourhood and make something with them.
  • Rock hop across a creek.
  • Decorate the footpath or driveway with chalk.
  • Run around in the rain
  • Play with a ball at the oval.
  • Grow some herbs or veggies in a pot
  • Count the stars at dusk

See for more ideas.

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