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Local Loves: Metaphysica Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

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You might have kissed goodbye to overseas travel this year—but what about time travel, or going to space?

Yep—we said time travel. This is just a small taste of the epic adventures you can have at Canberra’s newest escape room—the Metaphysica virtual reality escape rooms in Mitchell.

Founded by four Canberra friends—Ben, Chris, Shannon and Stephen—Metaphysica has only just opened its doors and is ready to transport you through space and time.

Having worked in virtual reality development, the four founders wanted to take the escape room experience to the next level by creating a range of virtual worlds with puzzles for teams to solve within a cinematic adventure.

For those new to the concept of an escape room, it’s where a team works together to solve puzzles and clues that lead to their ‘escape’ from the room.

“Virtual Reality allows you to do really interesting things from an escape room perspective,” explains Metaphysica CEO and Co-Founder Shannon Pickles.

“You can break things, play with dangerous stuff like fire and electricity, and even mess with time and perspective. It’s really fun and something most people would never have experienced before.”

As for the adventures you can embark on—how about discovering an ancient submarine wreck under the sea, or exploring the frontier of the galaxy in a pioneering space station?  In Metaphysica, you can explore all these realms and more—proving that you can travel in 2020 after all.

And speaking of 2020, Shannon adds that Metaphysica is the perfect COVID-safe options for escape room lovers, as the only thing guests touch are the VR goggles and VR hand controllers, which are meticulously sanitised between each session.

With no other touchpoints and plenty of space to move around, guests are able to physically distance while they’re together in the virtual world. There is also plenty of hand sanitiser and contactless payment methods available.


What: Metaphysica VR
Where: 30 Kemble Court, Mitchell
When: 10 am–11 pm, seven days a week
Phone: 0414 944 934
Email: contact@metaphysica.com.au
Website: metaphysica.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/metaphysicaVR
Instagram: @metaphysicavr


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