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The 2020 Alliance Française French Film Festival to return this month!

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Quel soulagement! What a relief! The Alliance Française French Film Festival will return again in 2020!

After bidding adieu to our favourite foreign film festival earlier this year due to COVID-related closures, we’re excited to announce that the festival will be returning on none other than Bastille Day for two weeks of unmissable French cinema at NewActon’s Palace Electric Cinema.

Luckily, there are still 28 films to be seen over the course of the festival, with everything from light-hearted mysteries and romantic comedies right through to challenging psychological thrillers and family dramas.

This is French cinema after all, so be prepared for some quirky characters, a bit more exposed flesh than you might be used to, and the occasional abrupt ending!

Making sure patrons feel comfortable and safe during their time at the festival is of the utmost importance, so strict COVID-safe measures are in place.

To celebrate the re-opening of the festival, guests will be treated to a screening of iconic La Belle Époque on Bastille Day, Tuesday 14 July.

With the story of a production company who make dreams a reality—for the right price—and a man disillusioned with his comfortable life, it’s sure to be a stirring opening night.

Then, on Tuesday 4 August, bid adieu to the 2020 festival for the last time with a screening of hysterical comedy The Bare Necessity (Perdrix) which centres on a small town that’s overrun by, erm, “revolutionary nudists”.

Only in France!

Six films not to miss at the (rebooted!) 2020 Alliance Française French Film Festival


An informal shelter in Paris for autistic youth, abandoned by a system unable to care for them, is put at risk when authorities target it for investigation.

HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE (La bonne épouse)

In 1968 the head of a housekeeping school for teenage girls, has her pristine life implode when she encounters her long-lost first love whilst simultaneously learning that her business is on the brink of financial ruin.


A close-knit family entrenched in a comfortable routine within their small village, find their lives turned upside down when an enigmatic stranger, forces them to revaluate their lives


A man is given a second chance to revisit the love of his youth when he encounters a company offering a unique theatrical service that enables customers to revisit memories through carefully orchestrated re-enactments

THE MYSTERY OF HENRI PICK (Le mystère Henri Pick)

A deceased Breton pizza maker is celebrated as a brilliant author when a lost manuscript, attributed to him, becomes an overnight literary success. But one outspoken intellectual thinks the whole thing is a sham and vows to uncover the truth.

THE TRANSLATORS (Les traducteurs)

When the first 10 pages of a top-secret manuscript appear online, the publisher suspects foul play from one of the 9 language experts hired to translate the book in isolation…and will go to any length to unmask the culprit.

TWO OF US (Deux)

Pensioners Nina and Madeleine have hidden their deep and passionate love for many decades, but their bond is tested when circumstances trigger a series of events, preventing them from moving freely between each other’s apartments.


What: The 2020 Alliance Française French Film Festival
When: 14 July-4 August 2020
Where: Palace Electric Cinemas


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