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Riddle Room: An experience like no other

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Specialising in a unique and tantalising experience, Riddle Room is set to puzzle Canberra in 2016.

Imagine being trapped in a room where your only hope of escape is to ‘solve’ your way out through a series of puzzles. Some of you are probably shaking in your boots, while some are thinking ‘Finally! A way for us crossword, riddle and trivia junkie people to prove our worth to society!’

The experience of Riddle Room is designed for anyone, whether you like puzzles and testing your brain, working with friends, competing against the clock, or just want to experience something different. The popularity of teamwork based ‘escape rooms’ appeared in 2007 in Japan and have now spread across the world to Australia. So what exactly are you ‘escaping’ from?


Objects from the escape room

When entering an escape room you are guided into a specially designed room with your ‘team’ (whichever friends you choose to bring along) to solve a series of puzzles using only the items in the room.

You’ll progress through a narrative and must find your way ‘out’ within 60 minutes. A ‘clue system’ guides your team through the experience by giving a little push when you seem stuck or take too long on a puzzle. Alternatively, Riddle Room offers sessions with no clues for those who like a challenge.

Being the first Riddle Room in Canberra, founders Chris and Jesse are proud of what they have created; “We’ve spent seven months designing a huge range of puzzles that players will interact with,” they explain.

Each puzzle is different and requires you to think inventively. “You will need to think about clues carefully, analyse your surroundings, use objects in unusual ways and work as a team to escape. As you solve each puzzle you’ll uncover new information that will make you rethink everything in the room. Communication with your team is the most important tool to use if you want to get out in time.”

Riddle Room founders Chris and Jesse

Riddle Room founders Jesse and Chris

The innovation Chris and Jesse have invested in Riddle Room is suited to those with varied skill sets but some creativity is required to think your way through. “We can’t say too much without giving things away but I’m sure there will be some things you haven’t seen before,” say Chris and Jesse. With this escape room completely unique to Canberra, Riddle Room is sure to challenge everyone – even those who have experienced similar escape room scenarios in other cities.

Since opening just over a week ago, Riddle Room have hosted a few birthday groups and expect the trend to continue, noting that visitors will be anyone who wants to try something a little different. “There is nothing quite like the experience of an escape room where you get to interact with interesting objects, work through a story line, and hopefully escape on time,” say the founders.

From first time escapers to more experienced players, they recommend groups of four with a minimum age of 16 as the room might be a little frightening for younger players, though younger players are welcome to attend accompanied by an adult.

Objects in the escape room

Objects in the escape room

Prodding with questions about what the most intriguing aspect of Riddle Room is, the Riddle Room duo kept the surprises under wraps. “There are definitely a few surprises in the room that we can’t really give away, but just the experience as a whole is exciting. A lot of people in Canberra wouldn’t have done anything like this before so we’re hoping to introduce Canberrans to the world of escape games.”

the essentials

What: Riddle Room
Where: 16 Marjorie Bernard Ln, Franklin
When: By appointment only. Book online now.
Contact: escape@riddleroom.com.au
Web: riddleroom.com.au

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