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What’s Behind Our Love of ‘Things’?

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In our modern lives, we buy objects constantly.

Our cupboards and garages are full of things we may not use, from clothes that aren’t quite right to old mobile phones, a set of rollerblades that were never a good idea and that spare outdoor setting. Things are nice. New things are even better. But why do we love them so much and can they really make us happy?

These are the questions that The Love of Things panel will attempt to answer, as part of Hotel Hotel’s Fix and Make series. Genevieve Jacobs of ABC666 will moderate the panel that will feature experts on the designing, making and acquiring of things.

Avi Amesbury, the CEO and Artistic Director of Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre, and Professor Mike Kyrios, the Director of the Research School of Psychology at the Australian National University who has a research focus on obsessive compulsive disorders, will share their insights with the audience. They will be joined by Tim Silverwood, co-founder of the not-for-profit organisation Take 3, and Russel Koskela, co-founder of furniture design company Koskela.


Tim Silverwood

Russel Koskela’s love of “things” began as a child and has informed his career as a designer.

“I loved design ever since I was a kid growing up in Braidwood,” Russel says.

“I used to customise my own sneakers so I could have something different to everyone else. The passion for furniture design and the ability to realise an idea has always been there for me.”

After studying Interior Design and working in the corporate sector, Russel founded Koskela with Sasha Titchkosky in 2000. Koskela is a Sydney-based furniture and product design company and retail store that believes in the power of design to effect social change. Koskela has a collaborative relationship with the Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island Arts, a community operated arts centre that supports indigenous artists.


Genevieve Jacobs

“One of the ways we practice sustainable design is that we have a take back policy which says that we agree to take back our pieces at the end of their life and either refurbish or recycle them,” he says.

“I think as makers of more ‘stuff’ we have a duty to try and make products that are built to last, can be refurbished and use the right materials for the environment.”

Russel will be sharing more of his thoughts about the things he makes and how they can have a positive impact when The Love of Things panel kicks off at 6 pm on Wednesday 10 February. Bookings can be made through the Hotel Hotel website.

the essentials

What: The Love of Things Panel
When: 6pm, Wednesday 10 February
Where: Palace Electric Cinema, Canberra
How Much: $25/$15 concession, includes a drink
Web: hotel-hotel.com.au/fixandmake/events/the-love-of-things

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