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RSPCA ACT is currently on the lookout to find Canberra’s Next Top Pet.

YES, this competition is as cute as it seems; and YES, you can get involved! (Even if you own a pet as cuddly as a reptile!)

In its second season, this competition is based off the TV show ‘Next Top Model’ with three categories, ‘Top Dog’, ‘Top Cat’ and ‘Top Small Animal’ Last year three winners were crowned. Andy, a Maltese mixed breed won ‘Top Dog’ while Pudding, a black domestic shorthair cat won ‘Top Cat’ and Peanut the guinea pig took out ‘Top Small Animal’.

So far there are over 75 entrants. One of these entrants is Robinson who is vying for this year’s title of ‘Top Cat’. Robinson is currently the ‘Top Cat’ fundraiser and will be planning to beat out the competition at the final catwalk at RSPCA ACT’s Weston shelter. We recently sat down with Robinson and his owner Alexandra to ask some questions about Robinson’s chances to be one of Canberra’s Next Top Pet’s.

Alexandra and Robinson for Canberra Cat Fix. Image: Michelle Doherty.

Alexandra and Robinson for Canberra Cat Fix. Image: Michelle Doherty.

Tell us a little bit about Robinson. How old is he? What type of breed?

“Robinson is a rescue short hair domestic tabby, and he turned one year old in September.”

What are some of his favourite things to do?

“Robinson likes to chase his big sister Penny (a medium hair ginger cat), play hide and seek, as well as going for walks on his leash. He loves exploring.”

What makes Robinson unique?

“Robinson has a distinct personality that not many cats have. He is super social. When visitors come over, Robinson jumps on their shoulders and is very smoochy. He has the ability to win people over with his charm and good looks!”

Alexandra and Robinson for Canberra Cat Fix. Image: Michelle Doherty.

Alexandra and Robinson for Canberra Cat Fix. Image: Michelle Doherty.

Why did Robinson enter Canberra’s Next Top Pet?

“As you can see Robinson is the most handsome and charming cat in Canberra – now he just needs his official title. As a rescue cat, Robinson is actually a great representative of the work RSPCA ACT does. RSPCA ACT provides a vital service to our local community and we really do have to thank them for keeping our animals safe from cruelty. I hope we can help them through our fundraising efforts!”

One of the great things about this event is that so many different animals from different backgrounds can enter. RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange noted this as one of the judges from last year’s competition.

“Every animal has a story to tell about how they joined their family. As a judge last year, I really loved hearing those stories and seeing the pets strut their stuff on the cat walk – all for a great cause! ”

We will be watching to see how Robinson and the other entrants go. Good luck and remember bring your best “Blue Steel” face!!!

To enter your pet, donate or view the wonderful pets currently vying to be one of Canberra’s Next Top Pet, go to

All images courtesy of Michelle Doherty.


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