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HerCanberra’s favourite dishes of 2016

HerCanberra Team

What did you love eating this year? 

Picture it in your mind. Is it sweet? Savoury? Warm? Cold? Was it your favourite dish because of who you ate it with? Or the occasion? Did you eat it once or have you gone back for more?

We asked our writers and staff what the edible highlight of their 2016 was. See how many you can tick off before the new year!

AKIBA‘s beef short rib


Amanda Whitley: “AKIBA‘s beef short rib, tamarind caramel, Thai basil – OMG.”

Walter G’s Nutella pizza

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo:Walter G’s Nutella pizzaNutella. On a pizza. With strawberries, bananas and chocolate sauce. ‘Nuf said.”

Chestnut Gnocchi from Pialligo Estate


Emma Macdonald: “Chestnut gnocchi with salsify, mushrooms, fava beans and black truffle from Pialligo Estate. In the words of Rachel Zoe. ‘I die’.”

Buvette’s Fish and Chips


Amanda Whitley: “This is no ordinary fish and chips. Buvette’s version is beautifully presented and has beautiful crunch and a contrast of flavour. And their chips are my favourite in Canberra.”

Chairman & Yip’s Lobster Rolls

Chinese Brioche Lobster Rolls.

Amanda Whitley: “Sweet lobster, creamy dressing, greens to cut through the richness – all on a brioche roll. One of my favourite dishes from the ‘new’ Chairman.”

Izumi’s stone bowl bibimbap

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “Those of us on the west side of Civic were very happy to see Izumi re-open after a long absence. Its stone bowl bibimbap (also available at sister restaurant Cocorea) is simple but delicious and a favourite of lunchtime workers (well, Michelle, at least). Plus it’s fun to mix it all up and listen to the bowl sizzle!”

Jones & Co’s Chef’s Selection


Alison Senti: “Had the most amazing meal at Jones and Co a few weeks ago, the chef’s selection. I couldn’t fault the food quality and service. And for about $70 per head it was extremely reasonable”

The Pedlar’s Kingfish Ceviche


Amanda Whitley: The Pedlar’s Kingfish Ceviche – lightly marinated Hiramasa kingfish with avocado, corn purée, habanero and coriander jelly and cumin crostini. Such a delicious and light lunch!”

No. 10’s Chicken and Waffles


Image: Martin Ollman.

Bea Smith: “The photo says it all, really. No.10 Restaurant + Bar’s Chicken and Waffles are just yum.”

Vincent’s Dark Chocolate Mousse with cherry and hazelnut.


Vincent’s Dark Chocolate Mousse with cherry and hazelnut. Photo: Tim Bean.

Amanda Whitley: “Silky mousse that’s not over-the-top rich with a hazelnut praline that adds texture and a nutty crunch, balancing perfectly with the cherries. Vincent is a few fave.”

Pork Burgers from Burra Berkshire

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotosodo: “It’s hard to describe how tasty the Pork burgers from Burra Berkshires are. The patty, the sauce, the bun, are just a perfect combination. I’ve been known to go to markets purely for these burgers.

The Fish Can’s Porkster Bao

The Surf and Turf Bao Pack

The Surf and Turf Bao Pack

Belinda Neame:The Fish Can at Westside – Porkster Bao! Braised free range Murray Valley gilt belly with szechuan peanuts, house relish and cilantro. DELISH!”

XO’s Asian Bolognese

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “My favourite dish at XO is definitely the Asian Bolognese. It’s just so damn delicious.”

Joe’s Bar’s Burrata

Smoked Burrata with shaved local truffle, EVOO and crusty bread. Photo credit: Nathan Lanham.

Smoked Burrata with shaved local truffle, EVOO and crusty bread. Photo credit: Nathan Lanham.

Beatrice Smith: “The combination of mozzarella, smoky tomatoes and crusty bread topped with olive oil is heaven. Perfect with a glass of something red”

Krofne Donuts


Image: Tim Bean Photography

Nip Wijewickrema:Krofne fresh Nutella doughnut from the Kingston markets. Straight out of the fryer – so delicious, especially warm!”

Parlour’s Serrano ham and Gruyere croquettes

Parlour croquettes

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “Serrano ham and Gruyere croquettes at ParlourParlour returned to its tapas roots this year and is on to a winner with these croquettes. Every time I’ve been we’ve ordered one serve, only to order another because they’re so moreish. Next time we’ll just order two right away, cos it’s gonna happen anyway.”

Hiramasa Kingfish at XO



Astrid O’Neill: “Hiramasa kingfish at XO is definitely one of my faves! Small serving (it’s a ‘small plate’ meal) but really delish.”

The Truffle Farm’s Truffle Pannacotta

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “The Truffle Farm really stepped it up this year with its breakfast, lunch, and high tea offerings. Hands down one of the best dishes that was served was the Truffle Pannacotta. I don’t even have words for how good this was.”

Frugii Ice Cream (and more)


Javier Steel: “Peking Duck Pancakes at Dumpling House. Asian Bolognese at XO. Salted Caramel ice cream at Frugii. Lychee Sakura at Soi Noodle Bar. Banana bread at Maple + Clove. Sausage sizzle at Bunnings – sorry, not sorry!”

Little Bird’s Roasted Pumpkin Salad


The whole HC Team: “Little Bird’s Slow Roasted Pumpkin Salad with caramelised beetroot, avocado, lentils, fetta, almonds + sumac yoghurt has become a lunchtime staple – delicious, nutritious and so filling!”

Les Bistronomes Tarte Tatin

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “Tarte Tatin and chestnut soup at Les Bistronomes, everything at Les Bistronomes is pretty special, but these two dishes were particular standouts from our visits there this year (and were ordered on multiple visits…).”

Ali King’s Desserts


Belinda Neame: “Adriano Zumbo loves this dish for good reason. Ali King’s Pineapple of My Eye – lemon yoghurt mousse, pineapple creme, salted lemon crumb, lemon curd, pineapple yolk, banana ice cream – is amazeballs! We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for this talented dessert chef.”

Penny University’s French Toast

Image: Ashleigh Went

Image: Ashleigh Went

Ashleigh Went: “Salted caramel banoffee croissant French toast at Penny University – with Pialligo Estate bacon, of course! So decadent with all the textures – soft banana, crispy croissant, crunchy caramel popcorn and creamy mascarpone. YUM.”

Miss Van’s Noodle Bowl

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “Miss Van‘s regular dishes are always good, but their specials are what will really suck you in. This one was their noodle bowl with masterstock braised pork belly and pork crackling, but they’ve also had ramen, banh mi, and sriracha fried chicken and mac and cheese specials.”

Anything by Lolo and Lola

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “Since it opened in January, Lolo and Lola has introduced Canberra to a wide range of Filipino cuisine. It’s hard to pick just one favourite, though the banana bbq chicken skewers are pretty special, as are any of their pork or beef dishes. Not to mention the desserts.”

Crookwell Steak Tartare at Mocan and Green Grout

Image: instagram/amandaallan1

Image: instagram/amandaallan1

Jose Walsh: “Crookwell steak tartare at Mocan and Green Grout. With their awesome homemade jalapeno salsa. Hands down one of my all-time favourite things to eat ANYWHERE.”

Brodburger’s Baby Cheese


Beatrice Smith: “Baby cheese at Brodburger – packs a punch of flavour but is small enough to not overwhelm. Delicious and dainty!”


Image: instagram/akibacbr

Image: instagram/akibacbr

Kristen Henry: “The pork belly bun, char sui, asian slaw at AKIBA is the best thing EVER. If I could take it to Vegas and marry it, I would.”

Monster’s Beef Tartare

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Image: Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle Brotohusodo: “Monster‘s Boxgum Grazing beef tartare, miso cured egg yolk, avocado, horseradish, crisp black rice. Quite simply one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, bar none. The textures, the flavours and the presentation are just perfect.”



Image: Martin Ollman

Amanda Whitley: “It was the year of the doughnut, and Bombolini was one of Canberra’s cult favourites (not to mention ours!) It’s hard to choose between Madagascan vanilla with wild flowers; dark chocolate with shaved chocolate curls; or passionfruit and white chocolate”.


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