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Brodburger is bringing their original van back—and they want YOU to tell them where it should go next

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Ah, Brodburger. A true saving grace during these crazy iso times.

Their new format reminds us of when we would line up at that bright red caravan by the lake and wait in what felt like minus 10-degree temperatures, just to bite into that juicy, cheesy, gooey, garlic aioli-y dripping burger.

While times have changed (and now you can pre-order online), and the original red van had become a not-so-distant memory, we’ve always looked back fondly…

But now we have some news that is totally going to rock your socks.

Not only is the ORIGINAL red van coming back—the team at Brodburger want YOU to tell them where in Canberra it should go!

Tuggeranong, Weston Creek, Molonglo Valley, Woden, Gungahlin, Belconnen, heck, Queanbeyan even. The vote is up to you, the good citizens of the Capital who deserve this sweet, sweet reward after weeks of physical distancing.

“We’ve been in Kingston for 11 years now, we popped up in Braddon for a while, we opened up in Fyshwick a couple of years back and last year we set up a van in Dickson, but now it’s time to venture out further,” says Mr Brodburger himself, Sascha Brodbeck.

“After we used the original caravan at the Hamlet, we always knew we wanted to bring it back, we just weren’t sure when or where it should go.”

“But then, with everything happening in the world right now, and the need for dining venues to be closer to their customers than ever before, we realised now is the perfect opportunity.”

“And instead of being the ones to decide where to open we thought—why don’t we put a vote to the people of Canberra and let them decide?”

The ever-important vote is happening right now on Brodburger’s Facebook and Instagram pages. To put in your preference, simply head to this post and nominate your chosen area in the comments.

“It will take some time to work out exactly where it will go, but we want Canberra to tell us the general region they want to see us open in next,” says Sascha, adding that “we’ll also give more points to those who can provide us with a convincing argument.”

Voting closes Sunday 31 May.

Image: Ashley St George.

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