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Brodburger serving up burgers with a side of live Shakespeare tomorrow night

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Burgers served with a side of Sonnet? It’s not the deep-fried deliciousness we’re used to, but it’ll go down a treat.

This is exactly what’s being served up at Brodburger Kingston this Friday 2 October!

The iconic local restaurant is collaborating with independent theatre company Lakespeare & Co as part of the Kingston and Barton’s Floriade: Reimagined Festival—a ‘minifest’ put together by the Kingston Barton Resident’s Group (KBRG) designed to bring more Canberrans to the area to visit local businesses while enjoying Floriade’s blooming flower beds.

From 5.30 pm, Lakespeare & Co. will begin their array performances, picking Brod patrons at random and presenting a modern take on a Shakespeare poem. They’ll even be heading along to a lucky few home deliveries to run a short performance on local’s doorsteps.

A Lakespeare performance. Credit: Esh Photography.

“Sonnets are like a little take away snapshot of Shakespeare, so takeaway burgers fit perfectly,” says Lakespeare & Co co-founder Lexi Sekuless.

“Sonnets are about when things are going really well, when you’re dating and happy. But they can also be about extreme heartache.”

“Brodburger is somewhere you go for those great days but is also where you go when you’ve broken up or had a bad day and you just need a good burger,” she adds.

A Lakespeare performance. Credit: Esh Photography.

It was a collaboration that made sense to Brodburger’s owners Sascha and Joelle Brodbeck.

“It’s more important than ever to connect with local businesses,” says Joelle.

“The performing arts industry has been so deeply impacted by COVID-19, so to be able to collaborate with Lakespeare was just another reason why we were so excited for this initiative!”

“COVID has made everyone think outside the box. The KBRG has been absolutely amazing, not just within this event, but in their efforts to support our local community and local businesses, especially throughout this time,” she adds.

Brodburger’s Joelle and Sascha Brodbeck.

“With everything happening at the moment, everyone deserves to be brought a little joy and we think surprising customers in this way is sure to put a smile on their faces.”

So, be sure to get down to Brodburger tomorrow night to check out the performances!

Can’t make it? You can always order in and hope you’re one of the lucky deliveries to get serenaded with a Shakespearean Sonnet performance

Home deliveries are available within an 8km radius of Brodburger Kingston and can be made via their website brodburger.com.au.

Feature image: Ashley St George

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