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Live your most Instagrammable life with these ‘cook anywhere’ BBQs

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We’ve all seen the Instagram shots of a dedicated chef huddled over coals on a beautiful beach, cooking up something delicious.

This Millennial ‘wild cooking’ and ‘nature chef’ fantasy has been fuelled in recent years by recipe books all about the glory of cooking outdoors (Wild Adventure Cookbook by Sarah Glover, we’re looking at you). But how does one cook on a beach or at a campsite without some truly epic campfire skills?

You take a portable BBQ along, of course. No need to picture trundling your hefty backyard barbeque through the sand, however, this new generation of ‘cook anywhere’ BBQs are made for the outdoors.

The Weber Traveler Portable Gas Barbecue, for example, is perfect for popping up at your campsite, next to your van or even on the beach. A brand-new product for Weber, its foldable design means it easily transforms into a trolley, meaning you can easily move it to where you need.

Alternatively, the Weber Q Range features a range of portable BBQs in various sizes and capacities. Looking for a small, compact option? Meet the Weber Baby Q 1200 it’s perfect for couples getaways or a picnic by the lake.

Looking to feed a family or a whole crew of campers? The Weber Q 2200 is recommended by Choice and feature 5cm more lid space than the Weber Q 2000, which makes roasting larger cuts of meats a breeze (did someone say roast chook by the beach?).

They also feature a temperature gauge on the front of the BBQ (so you can see your progress at a glance) and electronic ignition. The best part? There are extra accessories available like a duffle bag for easy storage and transportation for both size options.

You may have even seen Chef Hayden Quinn of MasterChef fame (feature image) using his Weber Baby Q outdoors on a regular basis on his Taste of Australia TV show on Network Ten.

Of course, for those who like to kick it (or should we say cook it?) old school, Weber’s range of portable charcoal BBQs are perfect for those who feel that barbequing is only barbequing if you can see hot coals sizzling below.

Weber’s Chef Laura.

The best news of all, of course, is that all these options are available at the Weber Store at Burning Log in Fyshwick. They even have an in-house chef cooking live in-store on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so you can see the Webers in action (we hear the best times to check this out are between 10 am and 2 pm!).

Head to the Weber Store at Burning Log, on the corner of Wollongong and Maryborough Streets, Fyshwick, or browse the range at and live your most Instagrammable outdoor chef life this summer.

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