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It’s officially Negroni Week. Like we needed an excuse…

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It’s a sophisticated drink which, right now, may be the closest we are getting to Italy in the next few locked down weeks…

Negronis are such a staple cocktail delight, comprising Campari, vermouth and gin, that each year we celebrate international Negroni Week between September 13-19—a celebration which now links over 12000 cocktail venues to worthy charities.

Of course, right now, the Negroni experience in Canberra is limited to home. But fear not, dear readers, here are some local lockdown ways to get your Negroni fix this week.

And remember, as Orson Welles reputedly said “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.”

The Canberra Distillery Negroni

Canberra Distillery Negroni. Photography by Emma Bickley

Distiller Tim Reardon loves a Negroni for his evening tipple and wanted something conveniently bottled rather than having to mix one himself. He began producing his popular Negroni almost four years ago and combines three different types of vermouth (two sweet and one dry) three different sorts of okars (the Campari component) including the Applewood Estate Okar Amaro and the Poor Tom’s Imbroglio Amaro as well as his own Dry Gin. For added depth, the mix is barrel-aged.

Tim loves a flourish with his Negroni via a burnt cinnamon quill but says any citrus is a good flavour combination. He also advises a large icecube and a splash of soda water to allow the aromatics to do their thing.

The Canberra Distillery Negroni can be ordered from a range local bottle shops, many of which offer free delivery, or you can have it posted home if you order online here.

Bar Rochford’s single-serve cocktails

Bar Rochford owner Nick Smith is also partial to the odd Negroni and says there is plenty of stock on offer from his Roch Bottom online store to ensure Canberrans can get in on Negroni Week.

Part of the sleek single-serve cocktail range, the Negroni comes in a 180ml bottle to serve two and combines a heady mix of dry gin, Spanish vermouth and Campari. Nick always ensures his Negroni’s are served chilled, over a large icecube that doesn’t melt quickly and dilute the drink. His preferred garnish is a wedge of fresh orange, which he squeezes over the drink to ensure some juice and the rind oils mix in too.

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Braddon Merchant’s Bottled Cocktails


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Bring the Braddon Merchant to you in a single pour with their selection of bottled cocktails. Purchase your Negroni individually or expand your horizons with some other classics including the Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Martini.

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Molto’s cocktails in a bag

The perfect accompaniment to Molto’s menu, you’ll find takeaway Negronis for just $12 each.

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OTIS’ chef-made cocktails


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OTIS has added to its ever-growing ‘at home’ range with chef-made cocktails and of course the Negroni is on the list. Perhaps there is time during International Negroni Week to do a vertical tasting of all the lockdown cocktails Canberra has to offer.

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Agostini’s Cocktails for Two

And before we sign off on this important Public Service Negroni Announcement, we need to recommend Agostini’s Negroni which is now available online in a 200ml bottle with garnish. It serves two cocktails and at 1.4 standard drinks per serve, that’s a generous drink! Costs $30 and helps support OzHarvest.


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Main Image by Emma Bickley

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