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Introducing Corona-Time Cocktails + The Breakfast Martini

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While we’ve been getting creative in the kitchen with our Corona-Time Cooking, we should also note that we’ve been similarly excited about mixing a few Corona-Time Cocktails to go with our food…

We won’t be the first to admit that cocktails make our evenings in iso so much more fun—and in the spirit of fostering community and good times because we’re all in this together, HerCanberra is bringing you a special series of cocktail sessions in partnership with the team over at Jim Murphy.

You’ll also be glad to hear that joining in the fun is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  • We’ll post a cocktail recipe each week on Wednesday, with all the ingredients and tools you’ll need.
  • If you’d like to join us, simply pop onto the Jim Murphy website and order your pack! If you order by midday on Thursday, your ingredients will arrive in time for Friday evening drinks with us—or alternatively you can Click and Collect (contactless, of course) at any time. Simples!
  • Tune in to HerCanberra’s Instagram stories each Friday evening at 7 pm where we will then take you through the steps to create your own mighty fine alcoholic concoctions while we all cheers each other in the virtual realm. How much better could a Friday get, we ask you?

We’ll be having Corona-Time Cocktails each Friday night for six weeks, so in the spirit (pun intended) of experimentation and connecting online, consider joining us on any of the nights that appeal to your tastes (or all six if you are really committed!).

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Friday 24 April: The Breakfast Martini (including a dash of marmalade—yes, marmalade!)
  • Friday 1 May: The Espresso Martini (an all-time favourite!)
  • Friday 8 May: The Mumm 75 (includes Mumm champagne and elderflower liqueur)
  • Friday 15 May: The Southside (a special gin and lime mix)
  • Friday 22 May: The Old Cuban (using Havana Club and prosecco)
  • Friday 29 May: The Toreador (has apricot brandy and tequila!)

Sound good to you?

Simply head to jimmurphy.com.au to order your cocktails pack and get ready to become your home’s premier mixologist—just make sure to get your orders in by midday each Thursday in order to receive your packs via contactless delivery by Friday evening—or Click and Collect any time during business hours. Please note there are a limited amount of bundles available.

Then, tune in to our Instagram stories at 7 pm on Friday as we mix it all up together and catch up on another week where we basically haven’t left our houses…

The Breakfast Martini

For those who laugh extra hard at the memes about this generation being home-schooled by day drinkers—may we present the Breakfast Martini, which we will be making this Friday 24 April.

All jokes aside, we will be waiting until 7 pm before attempting this…


  • 60ml Monkey 47 Gin or Beefeater Gin
  • 30ml lemon juice (please use fresh to respect the integrity of the cocktail experience!)
  • 15ml Triple Sec
  • A spoonful of orange marmalade (add more/less depending on how sweet you want it)

Order your ingredients here now.


Tune into our Instagram stories this Friday evening (24 April) from 7 pm to learn how to make your Breakfast Martini!

Disclaimer: We know that there are many memes out there saying that 2020 was not the year to have an alcohol-free day, but in all seriousness friends—please drink responsibly.

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