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When the world gives you Brussels sprouts, take it as a sign

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We couldn’t help but notice in those first few weeks of panic buying that there was one thing left on the shelves in abundance…Brussels sprouts.

Actually, we also saw a lot of beetroot hanging around—and we have some recipes to use that up too—but first, the humble sprout.

Yes, we all have childhood memories of sprouts boiled to the point of mushiness that we needed to block our noses to swallow.

But we’re here to erase that childhood trauma and replace it with something far more palatable.

Following the adage that anything fried in bacon fat tastes all sorts of awesome, we are going to demonstrate a fail-safe method of transforming the humble sprout into a divine and simple meal for two.

Our final advice? Grab your sprouts now before there’s a shortage!


  • Between 12-16 large Brussels sprouts–12 if you’re dubious and 16 if you are already a fan.
  • Four large rashers of Pialligo Estate bacon cut into pieces
  • Six eggs, lightly beaten
  • One red chilli chopped finely
  • Two spring onions sliced finely
  • Two large cubes of Meredith Marinated Goats Cheese (and some of its delicious oil for drizzling over the top).
  • Salt and Pepper


Into a pan, throw in your diced bacon and fry it up. Cut the ends of the sprouts and give them a good wash. Chop them in half and then microwave them for two minutes just to soften them a little.

When some of the fat has rendered, throw your Brussels sprouts in the pan and get them all flat side down. You want them to really crisp up, so crank up the heat and keep an eye on it.

After a few minutes, give them a toss to make sure there is even colour all over them. The bacon should be fully cooked by now. When everything is good and crispy and your house smells truly delicious, turn the heat down and toss in your lightly beaten eggs. Stir gently with a wooden spoon and season to taste.

Once the egg is scrambled, take it off the heat and sprinkle over the goat’s cheese and some of its oil. Then sprinkle over your spring onions and chilli.

Amazing as a substantial brunch with toasted sourdough or a lazy dinner. Vegetarians will be just as happy with the dish without bacon, just throw in lots of butter at the start.

Seriously, try this and you will have a new appreciation for how easy and delicious this vegetable is.

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