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A Professional Resume Writer explains why LinkedIn isn’t “Facebook for work”

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Think LinkedIn is just ‘Facebook for work’? Think again. In fact, it could help land your dream role.

While many of us have half-heartedly signed up for the networking platform and dutifully filled in our employment history, it turns out that presenting a lacklustre profile could see us missing out on key opportunities, according to professional resume writer and former recruiter, Adriana Modersitzki.

“LinkedIn can be a very valuable part of your career development, however, it’s often underestimated as just another social media platform or ‘thing to do’,” explains Adriana.

She would know. The Founder and Director of The Elite Collective, a team that helps people sharpen their resumes and professional online presence to land a dream role or get that elusive promotion, Adriana has seen first-hand the impact of a sparkling and strategic LinkedIn profile.

At a basic level, LinkedIn is a free opportunity to showcase yourself and your value proposition on a respected public platform, which Adriana says helps build brand recognition.

“Think about Coca-Cola, Nike, or Mercedes. They have all made it easy for customers to say ‘Yes’ to their products by cultivating strong, easily recognisable brands and being easy to find when those same customers need a great pair of runners or a cold caffeine boost,” she explains. “LinkedIn is where you do this same process—for your own brand.”

To make things as easy as possible for you to level up your LinkedIn—we asked Adriana for her top tips.

Why do we need a LinkedIn profile? Isn’t it just ‘Facebook for work?’

LinkedIn is an online social media platform in that you make connections, write posts, share articles and engage with other peoples content. You can send direct messages and scroll the LinkedIn version of Facebook’s news feed to see what your colleagues and connections are up to.

The key difference? LinkedIn is where you do your professional networking. It’s not just another place to share funny memes, post a treadmill for sale or re-tell highly personal anecdotes.

LinkedIn will absolutely support you in expanding your professional network. It’s also a fantastic place to research companies and their activities, connect with recruiters and find career opportunities.

Do I need to be on LinkedIn?

In short, no. You don’t need to be anywhere. However, LinkedIn is a fantastic opportunity to give potential employers greater insight to who you are and what you bring to the table—beyond what is on your resume. It allows you to present yourself in a more personal and engaging manner, as well as demonstrate some of your interpersonal skills and industry knowledge when joining in conversations.

I would urge you to consider the power of the internet, and what people can find out about you with a quick Google search. When potential employers search for you online your LinkedIn profile will likely be one of the top results—IF you have one. By creating an on-brand LinkedIn profile, you can direct people to what you want them to see, and better control your narrative.

Finally, LinkedIn is a great platform to carve out a name for yourself, or start to position yourself as a ‘thought leader’ in your industry. It is the perfect place to gain greater visibility, kick off important conversations and demonstrate your credibility within your industry on a larger scale.

How can I use LinkedIn to show more of my personality?

Oh, let me count the ways!

At The Elite Collective, we still hear regularly from people wanting to know about including headshots on their resumes. We always direct these people to take those straight to their LinkedIn profile.

Pro tip: Your headshot should be simple, high-resolution and professional. It should never (ever!) be a blurred, cropped photo, a selfie, or a photo of you doing something you wouldn’t do in the presence of a senior leader or manager.

When writing the ‘about me’ section of the profile or leaving comments on posts from your network, you can use a less formal, more conversational tone than on a formal resume document. Engaging in conversations on popular posts, or joining discussions in groups will allow you to showcase your knowledge, as well as your interpersonal skills and ability to create rapport.

Finally (my favourite part) the recommendation section. When you view a person’s profile, you can scroll down and see if they have received or if they have given any written recommendations. Think of this section like the ‘written reference’ of days gone by. Years ago, people would receive a written reference from a past employer and provide copies to future employers as part of a job application. It’s all online now, my friend.

To build your recommendations, engage with current or past colleagues to trade recommendations. As part of that conversation, think about what skills you’re wanting to emphasise on your profile. You can certainly ask that person if they could consider your aptitude for that task, or your skills in that area when leaving the recommendation.

Need help adding value to your profile? The Elite Collective have put together a free, customisable workbook to help you optimise your LinkedIn profile. You can download it at theelitecollective.com.au/linkedin.

Who is LinkedIn less relevant for?

If you’re in a highly creative profession, LinkedIn may feel stifling to you. Consider a portfolio site where you can take your projects and work into far greater detail, and have creative control of the presentation.

If you don’t have time to check in on a regular basis, check your message inbox, make connections and participate in conversation, it’s probably not worth investing a significant amount of time and energy into your LinkedIn profile.

What to avoid when creating your LinkedIn profile

At The Elite Collective, the majority of our clients are ambitious professionals in government or contracting roles. LinkedIn can be, well…a bit of a nightmare when it comes to certain roles.

Long story short:

  • Don’t disclose your security clearance on an unsecured, public platform where anyone can see it.
  • Put some thought into if you SHOULD be detailing out every different role you have held, for how long, and what you did there.

Lost? Overwhelmed? The Elite Collective can help you craft the perfect LinkedIn profile.

If LinkedIn is a viable part of your career strategy moving forward, The Elite Collective can help you sharpen your online presence and guide your forward. They even have a free customisable LinkedIn optimisation workbook, which you can download at theelitecollective.com.au/linkedin.

The Elite Collective also offer professional photography services. Let their in-house photographer capture professional headshots that you’ll be proud to share with the world.

See theelitecollective.com.au for more information.


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