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Things keeping us sane during lockdown

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Sanitiser, loungewear and Ti-i-iger King, these are a few of our favourite things…

Whether we’re working from home, homeschooling or binging on Netflix, here are a few creature comforts keeping the HerCanberra team sane during lockdown.

Emma Macdonald, Associate Editor

What I am ordering

Wine. Nick O’Leary Reisling has been my go-to most nights before we begin our exciting new Corona-Time Cocktails with Jim Murphy’s Cellars on Friday nights. But really, if someone pours me a glass of pretty much anything at around 5 pm, I am not fussy at all.

And as I keep maintaining, 2020 was not the year to schedule an alcohol-free day, was it?

This week I received untold joy from ordering a very baggy (read forgiving) pair of slouchy denim jeans from Dejcuba.

I swear it makes me feel so dressed up to have a zipper and button on my pants rather than a drawstring, and you know the current fashion advice is “try your jeans on at least once a week because your pyjamas will have you believe everything is OK in the kingdom”. Point taken.

I am also ordering books online—a new one from author Kirsten Krauth—who won the University of Canberra’s Stephen Parker medal this year for her novel Almost a Mirror.

It sounds intriguing—a dark tale of Melbourne’s post-punk scene and a mixtape left by Jimmy to his long term love, Mona. It’s even got its own Spotify playlist and this 80’s tragic is hooked.

What I am eating

Ainslie Bakehouse.

Anything. And everything. You name it, really.

But having confined myself to the inner sanctum of Ainslie, where I live, I cannot express my gratitude for The Bakehouse Ainslie which opened just before COVID-19 hit.

It has been doing a roaring (but hand-sanitised and socially distanced trade) in all baked goods, and we have not gone a day without making cheese toasties for lunch for the kids on their magnificent sourdough.

Ditto for the Ainslie IGA, which has not only been my source of all local community discussion, gossip, recipe swaps and spiritual reflection for most of my life, but which now provides me with my only contact with living people outside my home. I love that place. I love the cheese aisle, and I love the deli.

Having to conjure up three meals a day for four people plus an endless array of snacks has had its challenges. But having access to beautiful fresh produce so close to home is something I feel truly hashtag blessed to have.

What I am watching

After the pure and unadulterated thrill of Tiger King, we leapt straight into a very long and elaborate foreign Netflix series, The Bureau.

Set in Paris/Syria/Iran it is a modern spy thriller that has not slacked off the pace despite being 50 episodes long.

Last week we broke ranks to binge on Unorthodox and good Lord that was a revelation.

What I am reading

Right now I am in the final stages of Where the Crawdads Sing and am loving every. Single. Word.

I am also keen to sink my teeth into Such a Fun Age which was recommended to me by a number of people after I waded through the turgid waste of time that was Fleischman is in Trouble. You win some and you lose some when it comes to picking books.

What I am listening to

The sounds of my children bickering. Kidding, well, no not really. I have been feeling moody and introspective this week and dug way back into the past for some soulful Joni Mitchell. Blue, and Turbulent Indigo seemed to find themselves on high rotation.

I also mournfully missed a planned concert in Sydney from Patti Smith last week, so have been cranking her up to 11.

What I am distracted by

Instagram. All-day, every day. Yes, our phone usage is 470 per cent on average higher than we were pre-COVID but I have discovered some absolute gems in the last few weeks.

If you are not following @thelesliejordan for his Chattanooga Tennessee drawl or his hysterical take on quarantine in America as an Emmy-award winning, 1.5 metre tall, 64-year-old gay man, then get on it, folks.

Also stumbled across @nats_what_I_reckon doing a cooking demo which is definitely NSFW (or kids) but which made me laugh ’til I cried (the Sin Bin Packet Soup one especially). He is almost as inappropriate as @shannonskitchenaustralia who I have adored for a long while.

Let me tell you, friends, anyone who can get through a day with all their entire family in the house and then get to dinner-time prep without dropping a few expletives is a stronger woman than I.

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