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Fitness Roadtest: Samsara Women's Health Club

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I recently met with Belinda Taylor, the Managing Director and creator behind Samsara Women’s Health Club. I came away from our meeting feeling like I had met someone that I just understood; you know when you just ‘get’ someone?

Growing up Belinda watched many female role models in her life, just as I watched my mine, go from one miracle diet to another, ricocheting from full-on exercise to no exercise, from weighing very little to weighing a lot; all the time her levels of overall happiness and wellness never really changed and NOTHING was a permanent answer.


As Belinda’s life evolved she endured her own challenges, and she’s combined her personal experiences with her 12 years in the physical fitness industry, to offer women something different.  She decided that there had to be a way to achieve healthy, strong body and strong mind, and to feel good about life.

Just being thin does not make women happy. Just being able to run fast does not make women happy. Just being able to tick your gym attendance on your weekly to-do list does not make women happy. But achieving overall wellness can make women happy.

How many of you think that fitness has to be hard? If you don’t sweat and feel like you are going to vomit then you haven’t worked out hard enough? Surely I’m not the only one who has felt like that after flogging myself in a workout?

Or maybe you feel that exercising is something that HAS to be done…just another thing on your list of daily tasks? Samsara believe that being physically strong or fit is not the only thing in life; just the same as constantly monitoring every morsel you put in your mouth will not going to solve all your problems.

Samsara has a feeling that I can’t quite put into words: it’s kindness, compassion, acceptance and understanding. It provides a space for you to increase your overall wellness, and understands that we all need different things in our life at different times. The time you may take to go to the gym isn’t always about the exercise; it’s about taking time out of your life to do something for yourself.

This isn’t being selfish; this is a smart thing to do. We get so caught up in looking after our families, our kids, our pets and our work that we forget that we need to be able to recharge and look after ourselves. The better we maintain our physical and emotional wellbeing, the better we will be able to perform at all the other things we love to take into our lives.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with us filling our lives with partners, children, friends, fulfilling careers and having pride in our homes; but all these aspects do take up energy that we often neglect to keep an eye on. Taking time out, whether it is half an hour a week or an hour every day, is a smart thing for us to do. You would tell your best friend that it was good for her to do, why don’t we take our own advice and be kind to ourselves?

Samsara use the start of the art computerised TechnoGym ‘Wellness’ System to create a personalised fitness program, and it is amazing. I love technology that is easy to use, easy to understand, and does what you want it to do. The fitness equipment is all of very high quality, the music is not blaring, there are no televisions, the lounges are seats you actually want to sit and relax in…this is a place you could come to if you wanted to take time out for yourself, even if you didn’t want to work out! I’m not going to go on about the equipment and program Samsara use (even though I was terribly impressed with it all) because it’s so much more than a fitness centre.

When you go to Samsara you are given the Wellness Package, which includes two personalised one-to-one sessions with a staff member; a ‘key’ that contains three personalised programs that you define with the staff member; unlimited access to the club and all classes; and the Monthly Motivational meetings. There is no joining fee, no contracts and you can arrange a holding period to cover you when you go on holidays. Every six weeks you have a personal one-to-one session to review your programs, change things up, and to chat about what is working or what could be working better.

Samsara has girls as young as 12 years old coming with their mothers, and women are bringing their own , with their oldest member being 75 years old. What a fantastic opportunity to show your daughters that wellness is about looking after your physical and emotional wellbeing, reinforcing that education is the key to new opportunities and possibilities, and that you are never too old to take care of yourself.

In Belinda’s words “people cannot risk not investing in themselves anymore”.  Your overall wellness and happiness is most definitely worth investing time and energy into.

I highly recommend everyone to give Belinda and her staff a call on (02) 6296 7174 and chat about what you would like to achieve for yourself today, tomorrow and the future.


Join Samsara this week and receive December and January FREE. Offer valid until 5pm Tuesday 17 December 2013. Limited spaces available.

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Where: Unit 10, 33 Gartside Street, Erindale Central, Wanniassa
When: Monday to Thursday 6am to 8pm; Friday 6am to 7pm; Saturday 8am to 4pm; Sunday 9am to 3pm.
Contact: 02 6296 7174

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