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Leaving You In Stitches: Four Comedy TV Shows To Binge Watch

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The weather in Canberra has been all over the place lately.

With the drop in temperature this week though it’s no wonder that we feel like cosying up and staying in. If you need another reason besides the weather to stay firmly planted on your couch, let this list of four hilarious TV shows that are easily binge-watchable be your guide.

Parks and Recreation


Starring the hilarious Amy Poehler as the passionate and dedicated Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation is filmed in the similar style of an unseen film crew that “interviews” the cast throughout their daily activities within in the Parks and Recreation department and the city council office of Pawnee, Indiana.

Besides the hilariously awkward daily occurrences of the lives of those in the Parks and Recreation employ, the main drawcard of this show is by far the wonderfully developed yet flawed characters that work aside Knope. There is the dry, witty and unenthusiastic Ron Swanson, the insecure and self-seeking yet charming Tom, the sweet best friend Ann, the sarcastic and dark April, the enthusiastic and loveable Andy (played by Chris Pratt pre-Guardians of the Galaxy workout!) the extremely active and positive Chris, the nerdy and dedicated Ben, as well as so many amazing other characters.

The best part about watching the show’s seven seasons (re. A lot of binge watching hours!) is by far watching the characters grow from their initial personalities in an extremely natural and organic way, to the point where the development can be so subtle, against the backdrop of some not-so-subtle events. Binge watching Parks and Recreations is easy with their half an hour episodes, and it feels like you have been hanging with your close friends, instead of sitting alone on your couch in your sweatpants.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

kimmy schmit_gif

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is relatively new to Netflix, but already it has cemented itself as a wonderful binge-watch. By the same production team as Tina Fey’s 30 Rock, this half hour show stars Elle Kemper as Kimmy – a woman who was abducted when she was a child and forced to live in a bunker underground as part of a doomsday cult. When she is rescued, she decides to make up for lost time and moves to New York City, and thus the show follows a series of misadventures as the innocent and enthusiastic Kimmy learns life’s lessons in awkward ways.

Co-starring Tituss Burgess as a Broadway dreamer who is hardened by his down and out life, and Jane Krakowski (from 30 Rock) as Kimmy’s rich and demanding employer, Kimmy embarks on so many life lessons that you can’t help but feel like you want to come along for the ride. From the moment you recognise the auto-tuned send up of a real life kidnapping that sets the scene as the opening credits, you’ll be begging for more.

How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother_gif

How I Met Your Mother is a fan favourite for interweaving clever writing skills with perfect comedy and heart-warming life lessons, making it a great show to binge-watch.

Starring Jason Radner, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segal, Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother centres around the love-lorn and romantic Ted and his group of friends, including the ultimate married couple Lily and Marshall, the legendary playboy Barney and the strong and determined Robyn, as they navigate what life throws their way (usually with a romantic twist).

What is charming about How I Met Your Mother is the story-writing and the way that a nine season series can jump back and forth through the re-telling of the group’s history. Somehow, they manage to meet exact details every time (or just about) as they jump forward or back through the future, and even future episode moments. The group continues to grow along the storyline’s natural path, and the comedic timing (especially when it comes to Neil Patrick Harris’ suit-loving playboy character Barney) set the benchmark for comedy shows everywhere.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the virgin_gif

Following the life of Jane Villaneuva (played by Gina Rodriguez), a devout Catholic virgin who is saving herself for marriage due to the wholesome advice given to her grandmother at a young age, Jane’s life is turned upside down when she is accidentally artificially inseminated by her gynaecologist.

While it sounds like a story for mid-afternoon soap operas, what keeps you coming back for more are the unwavering characters and how cleverly the story has been written to intertwine them all together. Every character is linked and connected, from the owner of the hotel who happens to be the father of the baby, to the boyfriend of Jane who happens to be staked out on a mysterious assignment at the very same hotel, to the star of Jane’s favourite soap opera TV show who happens to be involved as well.

The neat reveal of messy linkages and family trees make for easy going binge watching, and the character of Jane Villaneuva is extremely charming and sweet that it’s hard not to root for her. You’ll be happy to press the next button after the end of each episode.

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