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From Hitched to Hooray! – behind the scenes of Canberra’s runaway bride

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Kingston’s Green Square may be the last place you’d expect to an international publishing sensation, but that’s exactly where you’ll find the headquarters of Hitched, an independently published bridal magazine of the ‘non-bridal variety’ that has taken the market by storm.

Launched in April 2012 by local gal, Renee Douros, the publication is stocked in 3000 newsagents Australia-wide as well as in New Zealand, Asia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States and is the product of Renee’s diverse background in Public Relations and Interior Architecture.

The team has recently announced the evolution of the title from Hitched to HOORAY! – a publication that celebrates not only weddings but all of the good times in life. We caught up with Renee to find out more…

Tell us about the new direction – what’s the reason for the move and why are you excited about it?

The change from Hitched to HOORAY! has been in the pipelines for awhile now. We’ve been paying close attention to our reader’s feedback since we first launched. What we have discovered is that readers have an insatiable appetite for celebrations; not only weddings but also showers, parties, backyard soirees, girls-night gatherings, holidays and the rest!

Because our readers want inspiration for every occasion in life – we are expanding our offerings. HOORAY will celebrate the art of entertaining – from those who host occasions, style them, enjoy them and everything in between.

This evolution allows us to take the brand in an exciting new direction, not only in terms of content but also our online world. We’re launching our brand new website in June and it’s set to be just as big (if not bigger) than the print magazine!

Tell us about the team – how many are behind producing the magazine? 

We’re a team of six (seven if you count our studio pooch, Polly). New Best Friend are our designers and web developers and are responsible for the way the brand looks and feels. We then have two full-time team members who basically help run the entire business. My Dad, Jim is our Business Manager and is the one that does all of the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. And then there’s me. I do all the stressing and mass-coffee drinking!

How long does an issue take to put together? 

The production cycle of the magazine is actually quite odd. When a new issue launches, we’re putting the finishing touches on the next issue! Because we’re bimonthly, we need to turn them around quite quickly so we’re always two issues ahead. It takes roughly two months to produce; from initial conceptualisation, cover ideation, content gathering, design, print and then distribution.

Do you have many regular local contributors to the magazine? 

When we first launched, we had barely any Canberra contributors. However with the release of each new issue, more seem to come out of the woodworks. There definitely isn’t as much local talent involved as I would like though! We work with creatives like Peta Rudd, Juliette Dudley, Anthea & Lyndon Photography, Styled by Chad, Jimmy Walsh and All Grown Up Photography.

Where to from here? Any big dreams?

I want to be the next Martha Stewart (or at least a less glamorous, Queanbeyan version of her).

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