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The Canberrans: Cath Ingram

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KPMG’s lead partner for the Federal Government and Chair of the Canberra Office, Cath Ingram, spends much of her time dealing with the machinations emanating from the House on the Hill.

But she is also a loyal local with a passion for the arts, live music and rugby union.

Cath arrived in the city as a child with her family. Dad was the Head of Economics at the University of Canberra (back when it was the Canberra College of Advanced Education) and Cath’s mum helped set up Canberra’s first Family Planning clinic.

It was a long way from a living in a small green village of Ruddington in the United Kingdom to the red earth of Belconnen in the 1970s!

Cath has an abiding respect for the city’s legion of public servants, but worries they do not value or promote their own achievements or professionalism enough, and perhaps that restraint holds back the city’s aspirations somewhat. We are the nation’s capital after all, and that should be with a Capital C!

Raising a family here, Cath has a realistic view of the city, and while she appreciates all its benefits, the lack of a music scene has seen her singer daughter relocate to Melbourne—something Cath wishes was not the case.

In fact, she is a bit of a music buff herself, so when asked what legacy project Canberra should focus on, she is keen for an international-standard convention centre and stadium.

Where exactly she wants it to go in the city is an interesting concept. You’ll need to watch to find out.

To listen to the podcast, go here.

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