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Advice from brides: How to stick to your big day budget

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Keen not to splash too much cash on the big day? We asked real brides for their advice on how to stay on budget.

“My advice is to focus on the things that are important to you, and cut out/save on the things that aren’t. The priorities for us were photography and ensuring our guests had a good time. That meant having plenty of food, alcohol and a great band. Although it’s more work, a DIY wedding can save you thousands. Especially if you find a venue that allows for DIY catering.” – Viviana

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Image: Miss Gen Photography

“I love good food and wine so will always spend more rather than less on this aspect. The only really difficult thing was deciding whether we’d have an open bar for the whole night (of course we did!). I would recommend saving on decorations and flowers by using a venue that doesn’t need them. Also I never understood the need for women to hold flowers. We also used e-invites, didn’t buy a cake, used only one venue, saved on a celebrant/officiant by not actually getting married, and didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen. We didn’t really do any DIY.” – Dana


Jess & Ben Gold Creek Station Vintage Wedding Canberra Lisa Lois Photography

Image: Lisa Lois Photography

“Before you start planning, decide on the particular things that are important to you and spend more money on those things. If you decide that on the outset, then you can accommodate accordingly. We also chose to look at different days to the traditional Friday/Saturday, which is why we ended up on a Sunday. I did all of our design work and printing for the invitations etc, as invitations and paper can get expensive quickly so we decided to buy beautiful paper and do it ourselves. We definitely believe you shouldn’t go cheap on a photographer because of the memories that they capture, but make sure you connect with them so you will feel comfortable on the day.” – Samm


Image: Anthea and Lyndon Photography

“An easy save is cutting back on all the other little things that aren’t detrimental to your day like decorations, particularly on the ceremony because you and your guests spend the least amount of time there. Bonbonniere is another one [to save on]!” – Alycia


Image via Lauren Campbell photography

“I would recommend using your friends with talents! We were super lucky as we had a friend do our wedding invites for us and we also had a friend do our flowers for us which saved us a lot of money. The flowers were amazing and we can’t thank her enough. DIY is definitely another way to save some money. I would also recommend being really organised, try to do everything as early as you can and don’t leave everything until the last minute.” – Sam


Image: Lauren Campbell photography

“We DIYed as much as possible, including the arbour we got married under, reception table decorations, signage etc. I think it is important to spend a lot on things that are really important to you. For me, I knew I wanted the florals to be amazing and did not mind spending a large amount on them. Flowers are so important to me and I knew I wanted them to be a huge feature. We also knew we wanted an amazing photographer, so we didn’t mind the price. I think you just need to weigh up what is more important to you and then spend money on the things that really mean the most.” – Emily

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“My tip would be to have a super organised fiancé like mine with an epic spread sheet. This means you can track everything that is being spent, decide what is important to you early on and cut costs on those items you care less about (for example we used hire cars from Hertz for $95).” – Kate


“Be sentimental but practical. Think outside the square, and ask yourself ‘how can I do this in a way that’s a little bit different, but still beautiful (and that also doesn’t cost half a house deposit)? Don’t be afraid to buy things second hand, and let people be involved.” – Masa

Jess & Ben Gold Creek Station Vintage Wedding Canberra Lisa Lois Photography

Image: Lisa Lois Photography

Do you have any tips for staying on budget? Let us know in the comments below!


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