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Tips to finding your perfect wedding photographer

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 Searching for the perfect photographer for your wedding? Here are a few tips…

Make sure your personalities mesh

You’ll be spending a whole day with this person, so make sure you and your partner feel comfortable with them. Most photographers will be keen to meet with you in person beforehand in any case!

Do your research

Choose a photographer who has photos in their portfolio that capture the way you would like to remember your wedding. For example do you want a photographer that will make a straight forward record of the day or someone who will bring a bit more romance or drama to the table?

Image: Keepsake

Image: Keepsake Photo by the Keefes

Trial and error

Ask around, search for reviews and if you can, go for a first hand trial. Most photographers offer engagement or couple shoots so this is a good way to confirm, first hand, if you’re making the right choice or not.

Get into the details

Make sure you ask to see photographer’s full wedding images, not just the best parts of their showcase. It’s important to see a whole wedding for consistency!

It’s all in the lighting

As you start looking through photographers’ portfolios, pay attention to the lighting quality in the pictures. Are they dark and moody or bright and romantic? Each photographer has a certain style, and there will most likely be one that you prefer more than others.


Image: John Benevante 

Ask, ask, ask

Some photographers work with a partner, while others prefer to work alone. If you’re opting for someone who is working alone, ask the photographer if they have a back-up on the day in case of any disasters or illness. If not, weigh up the risk/benefit ratio. Also make sure you ask how long they will take provide the final images, and if they have any ideas of locations they’d like to take you for your wedding portraits. If they seem unsure or vague on your questions, this might ring alarm bells. If they’re on the ball, they should be able to provide you with clear, concise answers.

Don’t scrimp

It’s great to save, but if there’s one area you can spend more on, we recommend you choose this one.  After all, it’s the one way to remember the best day of your life!

Masa and Michael

Image: Lauren Campbell


Feature image: Anthea and Lyndon

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