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Bokeh Beauty

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Smokey tones and contrasting textures combine to create a unique beauty editorial from an all-Canberran team.

“We called the set “Bokeh Beauty”,” explains makeup artist Marie Donnell. “It was a beauty shoot we put together with minimal planning, and just went with the flow.” 


Step One

Always prime the eyelid area, from the lashline to the base of the eyebrow. This can be achieved using eyelid primer, or a light wash of foundation. When using foundation, make sure it’s very minimal so the product doesn’t build up – and then set it immediately with some translucent powder. Priming helps to neutralise the eyelid area, and gives makeup longevity.

Step Two

Apply an eyeshadow that is similar to your skin tone all over the brow bone, up to the base of the eyebrow, and then down into the crease. This will help to blend out the darker tones later.

Step Three

Apply a mid-toned brown, or any chosen colour to add to the smokey effect. Purple/burgundy was used for these images. Using a fluffy brush, blend this into the crease area and into the lighter tone on the brow bone. Apply it minimally and build up into a gradient. Don’t let this colour travel all the way to the eyebrow.


Step Four

Apply the darkest shade, be it a dark purple, brown or black, all over the mobile eyelid. Patting this on with a flatter brush will achieve a deeper colour payoff. Only have eyeshadow built on one side of the brush at a time to reduce product falling down onto the face. Build this shadow, and blend up and into the middle of the mid-tone.

Step Five

Apply a kohl pencil or a gel eyeliner into the waterline of the eye. To get a real punch and longevity, set this with a black eyeshadow. Pat the eyeshadow into the kohl or gel liner with a small, flat brush. Be very careful not to apply too much product. Build the product into the lash line.


Using a bullet shaped brush, swipe the mid-tone across the bottom lash line. Use a clean fluffier brush to blend out the edges. Then apply the darkest tone, snugly against the lower lashline.  Gently blend this out – try to keep it tighter than the mid-tone



Apply mascara and long, lush lashes for drama, go rock the night!

Quick lash tips

Always measure the lash to fit the lashline – if they need shortening, always do so from the outer edge using scissors.  Cut from the inside of the band then apply adhesive to cover the band, but not too much.



MAKEUP Marie Donnell – Mysdesign Makeup | @mysdesignhair

PHOTOGRAPHER Doug Hall Photographer | @dougbatmanhall

HAIR Cassandra Lee Heath | @cassandraleemua

MODEL Ashleigh Wilson – Devojka Models | @_ashleigh.wilson_ | @devojkamodels

ASSISTANTS Lottie Johnson + Allanah Maynard

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