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Five minutes with Celestial Power designer Janette Wojtaszak

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Bold, intricate and colourful, the Celestial Power collection is all about making a statement. 

We caught up with designer and founder Janette Wojtaszak about the collection to celebrate the launch of her online store yesterday.

Tell us a little bit of background about yourself and the blog The Statement Life

The Statement collection is an extension of my fashion and lifestyle blog The Statement Life. The Statement collection was established out of my love for statement jewellery and colourful materials. I have been designing and styling since 2014. I launched my first label T-Heinrich and sold my collection on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles which was a huge accomplishment for me—I couldn’t believe my ears when the store owner said “yes”. I later realised that sitting behind a sewing machine to make hundreds of pieces ate my soul.

The StatementLife_11

What inspires your love for fashion and all things bright and vibrant?

Colour makes me happy and makes me smile! I have always been drawn to it. My mum has a kick-ass wardrobe and when I was growing up she always dressed me in the latest. 

Its funny socks with shoes have made a comeback! Fashion is a way to express yourself and I do it with colour.

What is it like being a highly recognised blogger in the nation’s capital?

It’s nice to be recognised, I have been working really hard on making a name for myself in my hometown. I love sharing my experiences with my readers. We can all relate to each other, I like that.

How was The Statement Life created and why is it unique?

Out of my love for statement jewellery. I think we are over statement necklaces at the moment and the focus is now earrings and our faces – so why not make them pop?! It’s more comfortable wearing earrings in Spring Summer than heavy necklaces.

It is unique because it is a blog about what I’m experiencing – what I have discovered. Women can relate to each other, we all live a life and we want it to be full, full of the things we have discovered. I like sharing that with my readers because I know that they would love it too! 

Now that I have my new collection it’s just an extension of that. I want to inspire people as they have done so for me. It’s amazing what you can do, especially when you have support around you. 


Why do you believe, as mentioned in your blog, that it is important for individuals to make a ‘statement’ with their style?

I believe it is important because its way you can express yourself, showing people an insight of your life and who you are. I like that when I people watch I get a sense of who they are just by what they wear. 

When will the range be available to purchase in store in Canberra? 

Over the last weekend, we had an amazing meeting with the owner of Paris Texas which is a boutique store in Surry Hills and we stock there. Big accomplishment for us!

Celestial Power will be also be stocked at Mussen in the city. 

What is the next move for your new collection? Perhaps a new themed range?

Yes, I think so! Maybe flamingos! I really just finished the ‘Celestial Power’ collection so I am really excited to see it where it take us.

Which of your pieces is your absolute go-to or personal favourite?

That’s a hard one! I have always admired the stars so my comet dangle earrings are my fave – good for day or night, the front dangles a star and on the clasp of the back of the earring, dangles a moon.

My yellow tassels – I always get compliments from wearing those. Just one more, my petal scarf – which I wear around my wrist or tie around my bag. That’s a really easy way to infuse colour to your outfit.

Do you have any advice for Canberra women wanting to make a statement with pieces from their own wardrobe? 

Yes, wear your accessories differently, if you already own a scarf try tying it up on your wrist or on your bag. why not trying to base your outfit around your red lipstick and build from there. I love experimenting there are so many ways you can make a statement with pieces you already own.

Shop the collection now via The Statement Life

Feature image: Deejay, @wearefoundau

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