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Explore sustainable fashion with ChooseCBR

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With the desire to live more sustainably, now more than ever we are also turning our minds to how and where our clothing is made.

Local sustainable fashion label Pure Pod has been a leading example for local, ethically made fashion here in Canberra and owner Kelli Donovan says more women are wanting to know where their clothing is made and that it is made in an ethical way.

As a self-proclaimed ‘Canberra kid’, Kelli started her journey as a designer at the ripe old age of six years, making creations for her dolls using scraps of fabric from her mother’s sewing cabinet and her Holly Hobbie sewing machine.

“I have been a fashion designer for nearly 30 years. I studied at the CIT Fashion School, then moved to Melbourne to work in big mainstream fashion. After many years of doing that I travelled, moved to Byron Bay, did all this other stuff before coming back to Canberra after 21 years away,” said Kelli.

“Our journey with Pure Pod began in 2007 when ethical fashion was still in its infancy. With each capsule collection, we’ve grown our knowledge and our client base of women who care about what they wear, how it is made and who is making it.”

A Pure Pod design.

Pure Pod is one of more than 700 businesses participating in the ChooseCBR program. The ChooseCBR digital voucher initiative relaunched today, delivering a much-needed boost to businesses across the city.

Kelli said ChooseCBR was a great way to support their favourite store or discover a new business.

“It’s really exciting to be a part of a local Canberra business initiative like this where customers can support local businesses because I think a lot of people in Canberra don’t necessarily realise that a lot of small businesses here have had their incomes affected by the pandemic. I think people haven’t seen the impact because COVID doesn’t feel as present in our everyday lives.”

Kelli Donovan.

Unlike using the vouchers at your local café, where you simply show the voucher to be scanned when you pay, as Pure Pod is mostly online you have a few options: book in to visit Kelli in her studio in Farrer to try the designs on and if necessary, Kelli can adjust things to perfectly fit; come to Pure Pod’s Saturday open day on 19 June; or you can shop online at purepod.com.au.

Once you’ve filled your online shopping cart and you will see how much you have spent, and you can enter your voucher number into the shopping cart.

Kelli has told all her existing customers about the initiative but hopes the ChooseCBR vouchers bring in some new customers.

“They are a great chance for people to get a discount on my designs, including sale items and accessories. It’s the perfect chance for new customers to try something and if they like it hopefully, they’ll come back for more.”

Sign up to the program now and get $80 each day to spend at local businesses, like Pure Pod.

ChooseCBR will run until all $2 million in funding is expended.

Anyone aged 18 or over, from Canberra or interstate, can sign up to use the vouchers now at choosecbr.act.gov.au.


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