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Local Loves: Blac Sneaker Co

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More and more people are turning to ethically produced materials in their day-to-day lives.

We have toothbrushes made from bamboo, curtains made from recycled bottles and planters made from old tyres. So why not shop sneakers made from alternative materials?

This is exactly what founder of Canberra start-up Blac Sneaker Co Ms Cymbalak thought when she began designing Blac Sneaker Co’s signature black and white sneaker styles in 2019, their brand name inspired by the phonetic spelling of the latter half of her surname.

“A huge amount of time and effort went into research and development of the product,” says the Canberra local. “And we are excited to announce the launch of our first style using hemp and cotton. They are extremely comfortable, and people are just loving them.”

Hemp is an excellent material for shoes, because it’s durable, strong, anti-microbial (say goodbye to smelly shoes) and kind to the environment both as it grows and is harvested. All of this without compromising on style.

But Blac Sneaker Co’s passion for a more sustainable world doesn’t stop there. They’ve also created a way to chart their corporate social and environmental responsibility through their Positive Steps plan.

This includes donating 60 pairs of shoes (so far) to the Shoes for Plant Earth initiative, planting 12 trees through One Tree Planted and purchasing carbon offsets to mitigate pollution caused by production.

In the future, Blac Sneaker outlines that there will also be community responsibility initiatives to support social enterprises that share Blac Sneaker Co’s values of promoting cultural diversity, equality for the LGBTI community and those living with a disability.


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