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Three Halloween looks to try

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Sometimes, the simplest Halloween costumes can be the best.

This Halloween you don’t need to spend hundreds on renting a realistic Black Widow costume or spend hours fixing blood and gore to your face. You just need your trusty makeup palettes or for some looks, a trip to Priceline or a similar store.

We teamed up with Canberra Makeup Academy trainer and professional makeup artist Marie Donnell to create some jaw-dropping Halloween looks for you to emulate this October 31. We first met Marie backstage at FASHFEST 2016, but she’s been part of Canberra’s thriving make up scene for some time now.

“I’ve been doing makeup professionally for about three and a half years now,” says Marie. “And before that, since I knew what it was!”

Marie picked three Halloween ready looks that are accessible for anyone with basic makeup supplies and a little face paint. She started by finding inspiration across a variety of mediums and then drawing face charts to suit each look from photos of our model, Georgia. Marie hand draws all of her face charts, and they’re an important part of the visualisation process.

“Generally, I’ll first find a picture of a model that I feel has the face shape of the look I’m doing,” explains Marie. “I’ll then print the photo out and use a heavy lead pencil to do the outline of the face and transfer it onto fresh paper.”

Here’s how to get three spooky looks this Halloween!


“This is influenced by a pop-art shot of Marilyn Monroe,” explains Marie. “I wanted to do pop art but I didn’t want to do the normal take on it. I wanted to take it to a different place with a twist on a classic.”


Step 1: Apply white foundation or body paint to white area of face and use grey eyeshadow for shadow points. Accept depth with black body paint.


Step 2: Paint lips pink, accent with white body paint. Use reference image to get contour lines in the right place


Step 3: Always use a wig for pop art!




Marie says she drew inspiration for this look from a motion capture video.


“Motion capture is this amazing new technology where they draw dots on someone’s face and then project images onto her face. About 20 people tagged me in it on facebook and I thought ‘I really want to do make up like this’. [The video] scrolled through different looks and this was one of them.”


Step 1: Block eyebrows with gluestick (tutorials found on Youtube), then apply foundation 2 – 3 shades lighter than natural colour. 

Step 2: Apply eyeshadow in a shape that distorts the natural eye shape and then elongate eyes with black shadow liner. 


Step 3: Use eyeshadow to create the “face panel”, then grey eyeshadow to create shade on the outside of the “face panel”. Use a blue or a white highlighter on the high points of the inner section (Nose, cheeks and brow)

Step 4: Add rivet dots with black eyeliner and blacken lips with eyeshadow. Add highlight to create shine



“There’s a bit of a trend at the moment for skull masks with beauty makeup on the top,” explains Marie. “It’s something a little bit edgy but perfect if you also want to have really gorgeous eyes. For this one, I put a different edge on it with a tribal design instead of a traditional sugar skull design.”


Step 1: Block-out mask shape with white eyeliner


Step 2: Apply foundation to upper face and apply brow and eye makeup and false lashes.


Step 3: Paint lower face with good quality white body paint and add tribal details with black body paint

Step 4: Add grey shading for teeth and skull detail and accent with black body paint


Step 5: Add wig and jewellery!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Martin Ollman

MAKE UP AND DESIGN: Marie Donnell. Find her on Facebook and Instagram


MODEL: Georgia Mackay from Haus Models


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