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The Beautique’s skin menu offers a new way to look at self-care

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I’m someone who has always done *the most* for their skin—and I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

I’m that person who follows skincare trends like a hawk. A hawk wearing a Go-To Transformazing mask while prepping their eight-step night skin routine.

The Ordinary Buffet serum? Tick. Dr Dennis Gross peel pads? Tick. Level 3 Mecca Beauty Loop? Tick.

So when The Beautique by Jessica Peris invited me to road test their new skin treatment menu, I was more than excited. However, it wasn’t just my skin that was in for an awakening.

Ensconced in a chair on the upper level of The Beautique’s dreamy loft-like space in Franklin, aesthetician Natassia asked me about my skin concerns and what my current routine was.

However, after I smugly reeled off my multi-step routine, Natassia had some bad news for me.

The tiny raised bumps along the side of my face and the redness I fought hard to keep at bay weren’t because of some fancy product I was lacking—but because I was essentially giving myself a mini-peel every day. Oops.

Cue a treatment plan that sought to balance, calm and hydrate my apparently overwhelmed and dehydrated—WHAT?—skin. A few months on and I can genuinely say that my skin has never looked or felt better.

My skincare routine has more than halved and I now have a clearer understanding of what my skin needs to feel its best. Less has truly become more—not to mention that every visit to The Beautique feels like the most luxurious form of self-care.

The Beautique.

According to Jess Peris, founder of The Beautique, this gentle and respectful approach to skin is informed by their chosen treatment supplier, Germany’s Dr Spiller.

“What we love about Dr Spiller is that the products are designed to work with the skin, and there are so many treatments and products on the market that literally do the opposite,” says Jess.

“We don’t believe in causing trauma to the skin in order to force it to react—instead, Dr Spiller’s philosophy is centred around respecting the skin and feeding it what it needs in order to repair it, so that your skin can continue to function the way it is naturally designed to.”

Dr Spiller’s philosophy is to respect the skin’s natural acid mantle, their biomimetic products and patented oil-in-water formula allowing skin to heal and return to its natural state of radiance.

From Dr Spiller’s wide range of products, Jess says it was easy to create a high-powered yet gentle menu of facials to suit all skin types.

“We want a no-fuss booking process for skin, as everyone has different circumstances and goals,” explains Jess. “Some clients are serious about getting their skin into its best condition, and some just want a bit of an occasional pick-me-up.”

“We want all our services to be an experience, something to really look forward to, so we injected a bit of fun into our menu and designed facials to suit all different needs. We incorporated add-ons for those who want a little extra skin attention, and decided to incorporate the ancient Chinese medicine technique of Gua Sha into all our facials.”

Jessica Peris, owner of The Beautique. Credit: Tess Godkin.

This injection of fun comes in the form of the cute treatment names—PACgirl (named for the enzyme elements that ‘eat’ away dead skin cells, leaving skin glowing), the Spiller Thirst Killer (pretty self-explanatory) and the Power Lifter (a super-charged toning treatment that uses aloe vera and argan oil)—while the add-ons include the option of seven unique Dr Spiller Ampoules (concentrated serums), and an extraction add-on, where your aesthetician will safely remove any pimples or blackheads.

For those just starting out, all new bookings include a 30-minute Dr Spiller consultation prior to your first appointment, so you can be sure you’re choosing the right treatment for you (spoiler alert: I would not have chosen the right treatment without mine).

That being said, there are some obvious treatments to suit particular skin concerns.

For a serious boost for dull skin, Jess recommends the Power Lifter or The B Peel (which Jess notes is Dr Spiller’s alternative to skin needling and involves massaging active herbs into the skin) and as for stressed-out skin, Jess says the world is your oyster.

“Dr Spiller’s products work with the skin and are targeted but also extremely gentle, so you could really do any treatment on anyone,” she says, adding that “As a first-time treatment, I recommend the PACgirl.”

Looking for an eco-conscious yet luxurious experience? Jess has one more trick up her sleeve.

The Seeke is an Australian beauty brand that produces a curated range of organic, natural and vegan products, from beauty balms to oils and elixirs.

These form the basis of The Beautique’s The Seeke Organic + Vegan Facial, which uses a combination of all of the above plus a neck and shoulder massage to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and hydrated.

With all of this on offer, it’s no surprise the new skin menu has been a hit.

“It’s lovely seeing clients come back for the same treatment each month,” says Jess, adding that The Beautique stocks the full range of Dr Spiller products, so you can continue your treatment regime at home, which Jess says has left her clients skin “calm, radiant and healthy”.

Naturally, we’re all feeling the brunt of what has been a trying and testing year. But Jess says she hopes The Beautique’s skin treatments can bring more than a smile to their clients’ faces, whether they’re embarking on a skin journey or just want some luxe self-care.

“It’s been a trying time for everyone, but we’ve been incredibly lucky to have such supportive clientele,” says Jess.

“The support of the Canberra community as a whole has been amazing, and we’ve been fortunate to have a strong relationship with our clients and see them return, as well as an influx of new faces wanting to treat themselves and support local business.”


What: The Beautique’s new skin menu
When: Tuesday–Friday 10 am–8 pm, Saturday 9 am–4 pm, closed Sundays
Where: 96/235 Flemington Road, Franklin
Cost: The Beautique facials start from $120. Click here to view the full skin menu
Bookings and more information:

Photography: Nathan Harradine Hale @collectionsfromhim

The author received their treatments free of charge, however, their opinions remain their own.

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