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We asked the experts for their skin + nail care tips for lockdown

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Our plans are cancelled for the foreseeable—and that includes 99% of our personal grooming appointments.

But that doesn’t mean self-care is cancelled. We asked two of Canberra’s cult beauty hotspots—Franklin’s The Beautique by Jessica Peris and Manuka’s The Lab—for their tips on at-home beauty care during the lockdown.

Nailing at home nail care, by The Beautique


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The best thing to do for your nails if you’re maintaining them at home, it to let them breathe.

As we’re unable to go to our favourite nail salon, the tricky bit will be removing any gel polish or nail enhancements that you have on. Have a look at some YouTube videos—there are heaps out there that will show you how to gently remove your gel polish/enhancements from home.

Jessica Peris. Photo: Tess Godkin.

We recommend keeping them cut short (or shorter than what you’re used to), as this will prevent the ‘free edge’ (the white part) from splitting or breaking. Use a nail file (try to avoid the metal or glass ones), to gently smooth out the edges, filing in one direction.

Pushing the cuticles back with a cuticle stick or an orange stick will also help promote growth and keep your cuticles healthy. Also—always, always wear gloves when washing dishes, bleaching the bathrooms or gardening! You’re likely to have a lot of free time for activities, so remember not to use your nails to open any containers, peel stickers and generally do not pick at anything.

After you’ve given your nails a bit of breathing space, book an appointment in with yourself to brighten them up. Set aside some time just as you would for your regular nail appointment. Allow plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed, and just take the time to have fun giving yourself a manicure and painting your own nails. I like to make a big pot of tea, light a candle, put on some chill music and turn it into a bit of an occasion. PS. nothing forces you to pause and slow down more than waiting for your nails to dry!

Doing something as simple as this will not only make your nails look good, but uplift your spirits (and I think we all need a bit of that), it will also get you using the right side of your brain, the creative side. If you’re feeling experimental, try some nail art while you have the time. We’re about to launch a bunch of foolproof, at-home tutorials on our IGTV, so keep an eye out for some inspiration.


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Moisturise as often as possible (especially with all our extra hand washing and sanitising) and apply a cuticle oil or body oil on your cuticles at night.

Using extra time to take care of your nails and having a little night time routine is a great form of self-care.

Skincare meets self-care, by The Lab

There are two things that I address first with every client—gut health and mental health. If you only work topically you won’t see any real long term improvement in your skin not to mention your overall well being.

Considering everyone has been panic purchasing non-perishable products, there is an abundance of fresh produce ready for the taking. Wholefoods rich in antioxidants, a variety of seasonal, brightly coloured fruit and vegetables and foods rich in essential fatty acids will guarantee you that glow and boost your mood.

It is also a good time to know that 70% of your immune system is formed in your gut… *coughs twice*… so introducing pre and probiotics to your diet and increasing your intake of fibre and alkalising greens will assist with your inner health.

Looking at herbs such as marshmallow and liquorice root to help fortify your gut lining and help to decrease permeability and increase nutrient absorption.


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Mental health is more important than ever. Stress is, unfortunately, a byproduct of our modern existence. At this time of stillness amongst the panic, when we are isolating in our homes, let us reflect and reframe our thinking.

Turn your skin routine into a ritual, prioritise yourself (whilst being mindful of others), break up with your makeup, be kind to yourself and stay connected.

Stress is catabolic, which means that after a super stressful period in your life if you feel like you have aged, it generally is because you have (see ya, collagen and elastin). Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your gut and your skin in a million other ways.


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However, there are ways to make your body more resilient including medicinal herbs that will ensure your body is much stronger when responding to increased levels of cortisol. Adaptogens like Rhodiola and herbs such as lemon balm and passionflower have been used for centuries to assist with mild anxiety and restless sleeping.

Your body is an incredible instrument. Provided with the right environment, bioidentical ingredients and nutrients it will rebuild, repair and regenerate.

A few of our favourites for a little self-love and inner beauty repair:

Regul8 Relax

Packed with all the goodness (passionflower, lemon balm and rhodiola) these tablets will help provide your daily dose of chill.

$68 | available online

TheBeauty Chef range

Depending on what you want to improve, Beauty Chef has you covered from Gut Cleansers to Sleep Powders.

$42-$69 | available online

Stay connected. Stay Kind. Stay Calm.

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