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The Bare essentials: a new label conceived in Canberra

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The foundation of any great wardrobe is the investment in quality base pieces. Essentials that you can mix and match, layer and add to every season. Imagine if you could have many of these pieces in silk – pure luxury.

That’s the concept behind the new label Bare. Founders and Melbourne based friends Amy Billings and Alexandra de Crespigny both love silk because of it’s texture and draping quality and want to make it more accessible for everyday wear.

The idea was born in July 2012 when Amy visited Alexandra (based in Canberra at the time) and they realised that their desire for quality, affordable silk basics was not readily available. Amy, with experience in corporate apparel design (including Qantas uniforms by Peter Morrissey), and subsequently a buyer for Dotti, understands the elements of a great classic piece. Alexandra’s background is in strategy for not for profits, but she has always had a desire to explore a career in fashion.

Bare was nurtured and grown in Canberra with Amy making frequent visits to design and refine the collection. Their plans gained momentum and in January this year they launched the label.

The collection consists of tops, bottoms, jackets and dresses all in luxurious silk. The colour palette is right on trend for this season, neutrals with pops of tangerine and a gorgeous playful print. The tailoring is soft, fluid and relaxed. It is a collection of core pieces, fantastic for layering, which can be updated every season.

These are key pieces that you will reinvest in time and time again.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”White scoop neck tank with tail $108.00″ type=”image” alt=”bare-silk-basics-ss13-b00001-white-scoop-neck-tank-with-tail-front_7 $108.00.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w614″ pe2_img_align=”center” ]

White scoop neck tank with tail $108.00

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Tangerine scoop neck tee with tail $126.00″ type=”image” alt=”bare-ss13-b00002-tangerine-scoop-neck-tee-with-tail-full_1 $126.00.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w614″ pe2_img_align=”center” ]

Tangerine scoop neck tee with tail $126.00

[pe2-image src=”–zIM1FpKGAU/UyE_MOmZ4BI/AAAAAAAABIM/c_OI-vnhgM8/s144-c-o/bare-silk-basics-ss13-b00005-black-scoop-neck-tee-dress-front_1_5%252520%252524144.00.jpg” href=”″ caption=”Black scoop neck tee dress $144.00″ type=”image” alt=”bare-silk-basics-ss13-b00005-black-scoop-neck-tee-dress-front_1_5 $144.00.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w614″ pe2_img_align=”center” ]

Black scoop neck tee dress $144.00

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Print scoop neck tank dress with tail $153.00″ type=”image” alt=”bare-silk-basics-ss13-b00012-print-scoop-neck-tank-dress-with-tail-front_6 $153.00.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w614″ pe2_img_align=”center” ]

 Print scoop neck tank dress with tail $153.00

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Black stretch seamed pant $162.00″ type=”image” alt=”bare-silk-basics-ss13-b00008-black-stretch-seamed-pant-front_6 $162.00.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w614″ pe2_img_align=”center” pe2_title=”1″ ]

Black stretch seamed pant $162.00

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Black stretch seamed skirt with tail $135.00″ type=”image” alt=”bare_clothing_company_silk_basics-b0001001-black-stretch-seamed-skirt-with-tail-front_5 $135.00.jpg” pe2_single_image_size=”w614″ pe2_img_align=”center” ]

Black stretch seamed skirt with tail $135.00

So what’s next? Alexandra and Amy’s aspiration is for Bare to become the destination for silk basics. The intention is to refine and update their signature pieces and create a core collection for their customers to rely on. In addition, they plan explore new colours and print every season. In the short term a cami, cami dress and a longer skirt will be added to the collection.

Bare is available online at and the collection can be pre-ordered for delivery in May 2014. To receive a 10% discount on pre-orders place your order by this Sunday 16 March.

Given the timeless shapes and luxurious fabric it’s definitely the time to start your Bare collection.

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