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Women at Work: Alex Fulford

Laura Peppas

Alex Fulford was just seven years old when she started having strange visions.

“Sometimes I’d just be playing in my room, and all of a sudden I’d get these funny little visions and I didn’t know what they were,” she says.

“We grew up in a very historic town in Scotland which was near a graveyard and I would see these battles taking place from the 1600s or 1700s, or I would smell a familiar scent of someone who may have passed on years ago…I didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

These sensations persisted into adulthood, when she moved to Canberra and found a job in the public service.

It wasn’t until she was in her 30s that Alex decided to tap into her unique gift on a full time basis; leaving her government job and eventually enrolling in a psychic development course.

“From that point on things just started jumping, everything was so much stronger than it was before because all my energy was focused on it,” she says.

“Having psychic abilities ran in my father’s side of the family, so my family weren’t surprised when they found out. My dad’s mother especially, she would just know something as going to happen, and sure enough it would.”


Alex now works as a medium and clairvoyant, seeing roughly one to five clients per week for readings into their past, present and future. She also works as a spiritual healer, writes for two magazines and in 2013 was awarded the Australian Psychic Association’s Psychic of the year.

Clients can either visit Alex’s Kambah home or have their readings done over the phone, Skype or the internet.

“I’ve seen a real swing in Canberrans wanting their readings on the phone or internet, as many of them are busy or don’t like to travel too much,” she says.

“What happens when I’m reading is as I’m talking to someone all of a sudden this picture will appear in my mind, and it’s almost like on automatic pilot, the information will just come out. It’s based on the energy you’re picking up from people, whether it be their voice or otherwise, you just tune into the individual. When I do my readings in person I will often use tarot cards, with the assistance of spiritual guides.”

Alex says many of her clients contact her desperate to find their missing pets, while others want to get in touch with a loved one who has passed away.

“I’ve had many thankful clients after I’ve found their cat or dog who has run away, or who have been able to contact a family member and know they are okay,” she says.

One of the spaces in Canberra where Alex will get the strongest visions is the War Memorial.

“When I go to the World War I section in particular it’s the strongest one for me, there was one time I was there and the sensations were so strong I felt really ill and had to leave,” she says.

“Canberra’s got a lot of energy lines, there’s a lot of strong senses here. There’s a really high percentage of psychics.”

Alex says she will “never” tell her clients if she foresees any death or illness.

“When I see these things I just don’t think it’s right to tell people, it’s a terrible thing to tell someone and I think you have a duty of care to them,” she says.

Alex has two sons, both of whom she believes have inherited the psychic gene – “but one is in denial,” she laughs.

She says she’s dealt with her fair share of skeptics in her time, but doesn’t take any notice of them.

“I just don’t bother with them, I just say ‘well, whatever you believe’ – no one can really say something is or isn’t true, it’s all still very unknown,” she says.


We decided to put Alex’s talents to the test ourselves — our creative director, Javier, had a one hour reading via phone. In her words: “I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous at the thought of calling a psychic, but Alex was friendly and easy to talk to, immediately I felt comfortable – it was like talking to a friend.

“We began with small talk then Alex shuffled and laid out the cards for my reading, explaining the steps as she went. I was curious to hear about her vision for my career and it was the start of our conversation. I found her insight to be positive and hopeful. She went on to describe specific symbols and their meanings in relation to my future. She was accurate at describing my colleagues and told of events that were to take place in the coming year and beyond.

“I have to say, Alex was spot on at describing events and happenings within my family life – I can’t say too much but she was aware of a family member’s relocation, names of their pets and of a pregnancy. The reading went for an hour, so we covered a lot in that time. I found her to be surprisingly accurate when describing moments from my past and when she talked about my relationship with my partner and other people in my life.

“Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I certainly won’t live my life by my reading, but I will follow my heart – as Alex advised. She told me that no matter what, I’d land on my feet… and I feel good about that.”

For more information on Alex, visit her blog online. Alex can be contacted for an appointment on 0416 010 672.


Laura Peppas

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