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AFL is a contact sport where two teams compete to advance an oval-shaped ball.

Every Aussie Rules match follows the same format; it is competed between two teams of 18 player, and four interchange players, and is held outdoors on a large oval-shaped grass pitch.

At each end of the oval are two tall posts and the overall aim of AFL is for a team to score as many goals as they can, by kicking the ball through the opposing team’s goal posts, and to prevent the other team from doing the same – often by obstructing or tackling their opponents.

Held in quarters, the winner is the team to have scored the most goals after all four quarters have been played. At the end of each quarter, which lasts 20 minutes, the play rotates and teams attack in the opposite direction.

Each Aussie Rules game is overseen by an umpire, who starts the match after a siren goes off, by bouncing the ball on the ground. Fro every match there are three field umpires, two boundary umpires who conduct throw-ins once the ball is out of play, and two goal umpires who are the official score-keepers. Matches held during the day use a red ball, whereas night time games are played with a yellow ball.

Season and times

April – September, but players are welcome to join year-round.

Location played

  • ADFA Oval 1
  • Ainslie Football Club Oval
  • Amaroo Oval
  • ANU South Oval
  • Kippax Oval (“The Nest”)

Clubs in Canberra

Find your local club here.


Costs vary between teams. Contact your local team for more information.

Level of experience required

There are two divisions offered in the competition: Division 1 and Division 2.



Feature image via facebook.com/AFLCanberra

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