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Boxing is the perfect activity to balance the mind, body and soul.

A number of people box to improve their coordination levels, muscular stature and to lose weight. Boxing is a high endurance combat sport that involves two people within a ring throwing punches strategically to overthrow their opponent.

The soul aim for competitive boxers to win the contest is to outlast the opponent. This is determined by the referee, who will stop the fight because the opponent is incapable  of continuing, “throwing in a towel”  (the opponent has admitted defeat) or finishes the fight but has the lowest scorecard results by the judges at the end of the fight.

The four most basic punches in boxing are the jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Any punch thrown other than a jab is considered a power punch because it requires greater force to execute the punch.

If a boxer is right-handed (orthodox), their left hand is the lead hand and their right hand is the rear hand. For left-handed boxers, their right hand is the lead hand and their left hand is the rear hand.

Season and times:

Location played:
Locations across Canberra.

Clubs in Canberra:

  • Fightsmith Boxing
  • Fit to Fight Gym
  • Flames Fitness
  • Underground Boxing at Stockade Training Centre
  • Underground Boxing in Partners Health
  • Winnunga Boxing Gym
  • Phoenix Gym

 Individual membership is $20 for Boxing ACT.

Prices differ accordingly to membership deals and packages on offer by each boxing club within the ACT.

Level of experience required:

Social and competitive training available.

To compete (those registered with Boxing ACT are eligible to compete for selection to the Australian Team), or for training purposes at the gyms listed.

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