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Nordic Walking is not “just walking with sticks”! It’s like cross-country skiing without the snow!

Nordic Walking turbo-charges your walk—turning it into a low-impact, total-body workout.

It is one of the most effective, convenient, affordable and fun ways to get fit. Nordic Walking can burn twice as many calories as regular walking, strengthen your back, shoulders, arms and core and build a beautiful upright posture. All the while taking the strain off your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Nordic Walking is a great option for people who aren’t so keen on gyms, don’t enjoy or are unable to run or jog, and are not comfortable cycling or swimming.

The specially designed poles stay on an angle behind your body. They become extensions of your arms, so you are “walking on all fours”, enabling you to harness the huge power of your upper body to propel you along with each stride. Nordic Walking is proven to be more effective than regular walking, jogging and cycling. You double the muscles actively used, get your heart pumping, and it’s much easier on joints! Each time you push off using the pole, you work and strengthen your arms, chest, shoulders, and back, as well as your abs, legs, and butt—and improve your posture.

Once you have learnt the correct technique, you can go solo, do it with friends, and join regular free Nordic Walking groups. You simply walk out of your front door and do it anywhere that you enjoy walking—the park, beach, mountains, your local community paths and urban walkways become your gym!

And Nordic Walking is not just for beginners, older walkers or those who are unfit—it can be done at any age and any level and is a fantastic, motivating workout for the super-fit as well! They also teach nordic running and trail running.

Capital Nordic Walking was awarded a Westfield Local Hero Award in 2019 for their unique and popular Nordic Walking Community Outreach Program for people with mobility and health challenges who don’t feel comfortable walking on their own. They teach and support people with painful arthritic joints, ex-runners, people with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, older people who have poor balance and have lost their strength and confidence in walking. Nordic Walking enables them to move safely and easily, often with a lot less pain, while going faster and much further.

Season and times

  • Year-round
  • Group courses with set dates and times advertised monthly on website – weekdays and weekends
  • Small group, couples/friends and private courses organised at the time of booking

Location of Courses

  • Mawson
  • Phillip
  • Dickson
  • Gungahlin


Range of prices and packages starting from $130.00 (concession) for a 3 x one hour Nordic Walking Proficiency course, including course resources and loan poles for the duration of the course

Level of experience required

No experience necessary