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Whether you’re wanting to play at an elite level or socially for a bit of fun, cricket is the sport for you!

Cricket involves to two teams with eleven players on each side. Their is usually a twelfth player who is a reserve for each team, which is a ‘back up player’ if one of the eleven players becomes injured or unfit to continue.

The ultimate objective for the bowler is to bowl their oppenent out. The bowler must hit one of the three stumps (wicket) at opposite end of the pitch from where they bowl. LBW (Leg Before Wicket) is another way bowlers can get their opponent out. This occurs when the batsman’s prevents the ball from hitting the wicket with their body.

The fielders must catch the ball hit by their opponent on the full within the parameters of their boundary. Fielders can also get their opponent out by throwing the ball at the wicket before the batsman reaches their crease. Fielders try and stop the ball from hitting the boundary which is equal to four runs for the batting team. When the ball lands over the boundary on the full, it is equal to six runs for the batting team.

The wicket keeper stands behind the wicket on the opposite end of the bowler. The main objective for the wicket keeper is to back the ball up once the ball has moved past the stumps. The wicket keeper can get the facing batsman out by stumping the wicket when the batsman has moved down the pitch beyond their crease, usually in an effort to hit the ball.

Their are usually one or two innings. The batting side must score as many runs as possible before they’re bowled out. The bowling side must prevent the batting team from scoring runs in the first innings, so they can beat the amount of runs scored by their opponents.

Season and times:
The season starts in October and ends in mid-March.

Clubs in Canberra:
The cricket competition in Canberra includes six women’s clubs

– ANU Cricket Club

– Western District & University of Canberra Cricket Club

– Eastlake Cricket Club

– Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Club

– North Canberra Gungahlin Cricket Club

-Weston Creek Molonglo Valley Cricket Club

Membership costs will vary between clubs.

Level of experience required:
There is only one team from each club in the competition, which means there is a significant variety in skills and experience, however stronger players tend to play in the men’s competition or in the stronger women’s competition in Sydney.

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