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Keep ACTIVE with virtual fitness in Canberra this April!

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In these difficult times, it’s never been more important to stay active—both for your physical and mental health.

Thanks to some amazing Canberra businesses we’re making it easy to keep active with virtual fitness activities!

For the last six months or so, we’ve been hosting HerCanberra’s Get ACTIVE with the support of the ACT Government’s Participation Innovation Fund. It was planned to be an entire year of free fitness activities to not only help you get active, but to facilitate social connection.

Well, these times demand we shake things up a bit, so we’ve joined with local fitness providers to offer a range of free virtual fitness activities.

Before we unveil what’s on offer for April, we’d like to encourage you to support your local fitness industry in a paid capacity, if you can.

So, if you get a taste of an activity you love in our free series, please consider joining in as a paid member in future—it could make a real difference to a business surviving the current COVID-19 crisis.

Before we begin

Please note that by choosing to participate in a class, you do so at your own risk. Take a class that is your level and if at any time you feel a class is beyond your strength, level of skill and overall level of flexibility then only proceed with caution.

If you have an existing injury seek advice from a medical practitioner. If you have any questions with regards to a specific fitness provider’s insurance, please contact them directly, as they are individually responsible as the deliverer of the session.

The instructor may require you to sign a health waiver at the beginning of the session. HerCanberra accepts no liability for any injuries that may occur.

Here’s what’s on offer for April


Dance Central’s entire range of online dance and fitness classes 

Dance Central has gone online, giving you the chance to truly learn to dance like no one is watching.

DC Fit classes on offer include Bounce (rebounder class), Fit Pop (hip hop), Heels, Ballet, Barre Body and Limbering. Classes require little to no equipment and will be delivered via pre-recorded video (meaning you can skip back if you miss a move) or hit pause if the kids come running.

As for trying your very first dance class—or getting back into dance after some time off—DC Online dance classes will include Hip Hop, Heels and Ballet with more to be released.

When: Free trial with unlimited classes until 27 April
Your instructor: Dance Central’s instructors
Online link: dance-central.com.au/dc-online


Relaxation Class

From Freak-out to Chill-out is a 30-minute relaxation session hosted by Splendour Yoga, inviting you to release the stress and anxiety of living in a COVID-19 world, so you can emerge restored and rejuvenated, ready to face the world again.

All welcome and make sure you have all supports you need to make yourself comfortable—cushions, light blanket and light scarf for your eyes.

When: Friday 3 April
Time: 11 am
Length: 30 minutes
Your instructor: Lynnette Dickinson, Splendour Yoga
Online link: facebook.com


Introduction to Pilates Online

In this 30-minute session, Body Intelligence will take you through some of the basic concepts of Pilates including the importance of the use of breath, an explanation of the core muscles and how to engage properly.

Limited to six people, Body Intelligence will observe your technique, offer modifications and also allow time for questions.

When: Every Friday in April
Time: 1pm-1.30 pm
Length: 30 minutes
Your instructor: Belinda Hogh
Pre-register: www.bodyintel.com.au/registration—please indicate in notes section Friday 1 pm class.
Online link: www.bodyintel.com.au/class-schedule


Remote Bootcamp

Join Century Strength & Conditioning in their home with their family for a self-paced, equipment-free, bootcamp style workout that is guaranteed to work up a sweat and a smile!

When: Saturday 4 April
Time: 7-7.40 am
Length: 40 minutes
Your instructors: Steve and Mel Bingley
Online link: Facebook Live. Join the group prior: facebook.com/groups/163499791368199


Family Fitness

Let’s Exercise Together! Avoiding stress is almost impossible at the moment, but we can reduce the impact of stress on your body.

A great way to reduce stress is Exercise! Even better—a live at-home workout for parents and children to do together with Mum-Me Fit Time. You’ll have less stress and kids are worn out. Win-Win!

When: Saturday 4 April
Time: 9:30 am
Length: 30 minutes
Your Instructor: Nikki Knieriem, Mum-Me Fit Time
Not suitable for: Ladies who are under eight weeks post-partum, or who have existing injuries.
Online link:  facebook.com


The Orangetheory At-Home Online Class is a 30-minute full-body workout designed to keep you burning calories for up to 36hrs after the session!

Their coach will monitor your form and technique to ensure you get the most out of your workout.

When: Saturday 4 April
Time: 10.30-11.30 am
Length: 60 minutes
Your instructor: Bec (“Bits”) Allen
Online link: us04web.zoom.us/j/7713553069


The best of ballet, Pilates + yoga to music

Get the best of ballet, Pilates and yoga with motivating music to make the workout fun. This class by Canberra Fitness Centre is appropriate for all levels and ages.

Your glutes, legs and core will get an amazing burn whilst giving you a cardio workout.

When: Monday 6 April
Time: 10 am – 11 am
Your instructor: Jacqui Ambrus-Bonazzi, Canberra Fitness Centre
Duration: 45 minutes
Not suitable for: Anyone who is less than six weeks postnatal or just had surgery. Participants must complete a pre-exercise questionnaire and detail all their injuries so modifications can be provided.
Online link: zoom.us
Register: You will need to pre-register for this session. Jacqui will then send you a waiver to complete prior to the session. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the session.

MERRYBODY by The Merrymaker Sisters

Through an empowering combination of yoga, Pilates and meditation, MerryBody will totally change the way you workout—AND how you feel about yourself.

When: Tuesday 7 April
Time: 4:30 pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Your instructor: Carla and Emma Papas
Online link: facebook.com


Group Stretch Class

The class, hosted by Canberra Southern Cross Health Club will use simple and dynamic stretches, that will increase your range of motion and release tension.

When: Thursday 9 April
Time: 11 am
Duration: 45 – 60 minutes
Your instructor: Dan Eddleston, Canberra Southern Cross Club
Online link: facebook.com/stellarcanberra


Gentle Slow Flow

Energising Dynamic Flow with options for gentle practice suitable for all levels. Children are welcome to join too. People are able to watch the class on any iPhone, laptop, iPad or smart TV. I will offer monthly memberships and I will provide free livestream classes for all HerCanberra readers for the dates below.

When: Saturday 11, 18 and 25 April 
Time: 8.30 am to 9.30 am
Your instructor: Odona Farska
Online link: Vimeo livestream at www.flowyogacanberra.com. Readers can book in via flowyogacanberra.com or emailodona@flowyogacanberra.com


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.

No equipment required. All you need is yourself, a space in which you can move safely and comfortably and a willingness to give it a go. HIIT is scientifically proven to be effective in improving cardiovascular fitness and weight loss.

When: Sunday 12 April
Time: 9.30 – 10 am
Duration: 30 minutes
Your Instructor: Szabina Horvath
Not suitable for: This workout is suitable for beginners to advanced (please follow your Doctor’s advice if you’re pregnant, were recently pregnant or have health conditions).
Online link: zoom.com—Meeting ID: 479 649 405, Password: 020491


Yoga for mum and bub (and baby massage!)

Yoga Mums Fitness offers a range of classes for all Mums during pregnancy, postnatally and beyond—join this free Mums and Bubs Yoga class via their Facebook Group—Yoga Mums Group.

The class will include some baby massage and baby yoga and yoga for Mum to reconnect with her core and start to build some overall strength.

When: Tuesday 14 April
Time: 10 am
Duration, 60 minutes
Your instructor: Sharn Watts, Yoga Mums Fitness
Not suitable for:  This class is safe for all Mums who are six weeks (for a vaginal birth) or eight weeks (for a c-section) post-birth.
Online link: To join the class, please make sure you pre-register at app.acuityscheduling.com


Release, soothe and calm

Join Lesley Harris for a gentle yoga flow class suitable for beginners and anyone who would like to release tension, restlessness through movement.

Our practice together will focus on linking breath with postures designed to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and balance—all while soothing and calming the nervous system.

When: Wednesday 15 April
Time: 10 am
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes
Your instructor: Lesley Harris
Not suitable for: There are some contraindications. Please speak with your GP or contact Lesley at lesleyyogaflow@gmail.com if you’re unsure you should participate.
Register: Download your exercise waiver here.
Online link: Zoom. Meeting ID: 474 504 639 Password: 019 729


Family Friendly Cardio Boxing

Family Friendly Cardio Boxing is designed so mum/dad and the kids can all do a 45min fitness session together. Alternate activities for the kids, heart-pumping movement for the parents. See you there.

When: Wednesday 15 and 22 April
Time: 10-10.45 am Wednesday during the school holiday
Your instructor: David Cooper
Pre-register: sparkpages.io/forms/?frm=3Zb
Online link: Instructions will be emailed to those who register and a link to the class provided on the day to those who register.


Workout with bub on board!

Playground Training is offering virtual Kangatraining classes allowing you to participate in classes at home.

Kangatraining is a whole body, low impact, interval workout that includes cardio and strength exercises while you wear bub in an approved baby carrier!

The program is designed by health professionals and provides physical and mental health benefits to both parents and babies in this time of isolation!

When: Thursday 16 April
Time: 10am
Duration: 60 minutes
Your instructor: Alicia Cummins
Not suitable for: Mums must be 6-12 weeks postnatal (12 weeks for c-section) and have clearance from their GP.
Online link: facebook.com/kangatrainingnorthcanberra. Participants will need to register via the website—the Zoom link will be sent directly to you. You will need to complete a health questionnaire and waiver prior to participating in the session.


Powerflow yoga 

A powerful and energising vinyasa yoga class where breath is linked with movement. You can expect this wholistic class to include strength, balance and flexibility-based postures.

When: Thursday 16 April
Time: 5.30 pm
Your instructor: Beth Urbaniak
Pre-register: Book into the class on evergreenyogapilates.com
Online link: A zoom link will be emailed to registered participants

Lengthen, Tone and Activate

Yoga Sculpt by Bodhi Fit is all about lengthening, toning and learning to activating muscles you may not have known you had.

You will work with slow and controlled movements that are inspired from yoga and Pilates which also target specific areas of the body—this class will especially focus around the hips, thighs, butt and abs create tone and deep definition.

Ankle and hand weights can also be used if you have them and want to really feel the burn!

When: Friday 17 April
Time: 12:30 pm
Duration: 50-minute class
Your instructor: Cheyenne Novak
Online link: Join Zoom Meeting – Meeting ID: 791 937 7469


Namaste In—Balanced Live Stream Free Yoga Class

Live Streamed from the Balanced Yoga studio to your home, join into your favourite yoga community from the comfort of your home!

Suitable for beginners right through to advanced students, this class blends balance, strength and flexibility to get you moving and feeling good!

When: Saturday 18 April
Time: 11 am
Length: One hour
Your instructor: Kate Haskard
Pre-register: via MIndBody (you will need to sign in to the Mindbody booking platform to register)
Online link: Will be emailed to registered participants separately with the class conducted via Zoom.


Energy and Balance

Gentle Dru Yoga is a gentle class to get the energy moving in your body and bring balance into your emotions. This class hosted by Splendour Yoga is suitable for beginners, people with mobility issues and anyone wanting to find stillness in movement. There will be no floor work and the class can be done in a chair.

When: Monday 20 April
Time: 11 am
Duration: 30 minutes
Your instructor: Lynnette Dickinson, Splendour Yoga
Online link: Facebook Live – simply click on this link – facebook.com


Meet you at the bar(re)?

This Barre class by Change Yoga And Wellness is a fusion of dance, Pilates, strength, stability and relaxation. Movements are derived from Ballet, Dance Conditioning and Pilates.

The aim of this class is to improve function, energise, sculpt and stretch your entire body. No dance experience needed.

When: Tuesday 21 April
Time: 6:30 pm
Duration: 45 minutes
Your instructor: Tayah, Change Yoga and Wellness
Online link: Join the Facebook event for details on booking into MINDBODY, the Zoom link, health waiver form and information on optional equipment.


Mindful Movements

Qigong (sounds like Chi Gung) is a powerful mindfulness movement practice which can help you to relax, recharge and regain a healthy and active lifestyle.

During this class, presented by Piniri Wellbeing, you will be guided through a series of gentle flowing movements to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your strength and flexibility.

When: Thursday 23 April
Time: 6:00 pm
Duration: 45 minutes
Your instructor: Angie Lui
Pre-register: Interested participants should register via email at angie@piniri.com.au
Online link: Zoom.


HIIT FIT with Laura 

This HIIT Fit session is a full-body workout with a mix of strength and cardio exercises that will leave you feeling that endorphin high!!

No equipment required, just find a space in your lounge room or backyard. Suitable for all fitness levels but prepare to sweat and feel the burn!

When: Friday 24 April
Time:  10 am
Your instructor: Laura Struys
Pre-register: bit.ly/39uOkNrPFMliveworkout

Online link: They’ll will be running this session live from our Facebook page: facebook.com/projectfitmum 

Are you a fitness provider interested in joining the Keep ACTIVE movement?

We’re calling for expressions of interest from those interested in running free virtual fitness sessions over the next couple of months. You might live stream a yoga class via Facebook Live, host a Google Hangout bootcamp, or even lead a dance class via Zoom. We just need to think outside the square.

These classes do need to be free for participants, but they offer host businesses a chance to build their community during a time when we’re all looking for connection. We’ll promote your classes to our readers (there are around 150,000 of them!) and you’ll be playing a valuable role in keeping Canberra bodies and minds healthy.

Simply fill in the Google form below and we’ll do the rest! Still have questions? Simply email hello@hercanberra.com.au.

We can do this, together.

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