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Her Workout: How to mix up your walking routine

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Do you vary your walking routine?

Last week, my column was about staying injury-free while we’re all increasing our walking during the COVID shutdown. This week, it’s all about commitment.

If you want to get fit during isolation and stay mentally calm, then there’s one key factor to consider—it’s called adherence.

Long term adherence is essential. If you want a long-term commitment, then adding variety into your walking program can improve adherence.

Why? You ask.

1) To avoid reaching a plateau in fitness gains and training outcomes.

2) To prevent boredom.

Over this shutdown period, I’ve been spicing up my workouts between home circuits with the family, online Pilates, online yoga, 20 minute HIIT training, and walking/running with a different friend each day. There’s no boredom happening in my routine.

However, if you’re getting bored with your standard walking routine and you’re determined to walk your way through this isolation, then I have some ideas for you!

Let’s mix up your walking routine:

Walking or ‘Ralking’ (Run/Walk) Surges

A surge is a fast burst thrown into the middle of a workout. For example, you could set your watch for 30 seconds and walk (or ralk) faster for 30 seconds, then easier for 30 seconds, and do 20 minutes of that program.

Or surge light poles, where you pick up the pace in between two light poles, then ease it back for two light poles (or use driveways instead).

The every-time-you-hear-the-word game

While you’re walking and chatting to your friends/family, every time you hear the words “COVID” or “UNPRECEDENTED”, do a 30-second plank or 30 squats.

That will definitely add variety to your walking routine!

Backpack for resistance

Every second walk, grab your big hiking backpack and put all your heavy books in it. Or, if you have small children, pop them in the specially designed kids backpack (see above).

Lunge up the hill

By fatiguing the muscles in a new pattern (lunge!), you are requiring them to adapt to a new functional training stimulus.  Maybe lunge for 10 metres, then walk normally for 10, and repeat that 5-6 times.


We all want to avoid stiffness. Here’s a simple, easy and effective active-mobility workout for you, it’s called Her Mobility Workout:






You can print the PDF here, and watch the two-minute taste tester IGTV clip below (apologies for the three-year-old interrupting at the end, however, at HerCanberra we are all about authentic, real and relatable content).

Try these five stretches 4-5 times a week, after your walking routine.

If you want longer workouts, subscribe to the Capital Hydrotherapy YouTube channel and every Tuesday at 11 am we will be going LIVE on Capital Hydrotherapy’s Facebook page with a 10-15mins stay-at-home workout

Enjoy the process. Keep moving forward. I believe in you.

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