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Pandemic Pilates: Wednesday

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“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only to attain it but to maintain it…” — Joseph Pilates (founder of the Pilates movement concept).

Have you been following our Pandemic Pilates sessions this week? Pilates is the perfect lockdown movement recipe when you’re stuck at home, walking into the unknown, with little equipment and no instructor.

Supporting you to stay at home, and stay active in your comfy lounge room, is our goal. We have purposely only given you three exercises each day—it’s achievable, maintainable, time-efficient and realistic.

Are you new to the Pilates concept? Pilates is a wonderful form of movement training, providing a combination of strength, stability, alignment, awareness, breathwork and mobility.

Each day throughout lockdown, we have been encouraging you to get up and move, and do the Workplace Workout (WPW) routine.

If you’ve just started joining us on the WPW journey, I’d recommend trying the earlier workouts from 2-3 weeks ago which are available here.

We have a simple structure for this week’s Pandemic Pilates Workplace Workout:

Monday: Thoracic and Posture (tick!)

Tuesday: Hip stability and mobility (tick!)

Wednesday: Upper Limb Strength (today!)

Thursday: Postural core

Friday: Lumbar strength

Here’s today’s upper limb strength workout.

Pandemic Pilates: Wednesday

Print the PDF here

1) High plank with trunk rotation

2) Horizontal Shoulder Abd with Exercise Band

3) Walkout to kneeling push up

Do you have any workout requests? Let us know!

Did you know Capital Hydrotherapy and Exercise Physiology is an essential service?

We are open for one-on-one Hydrotherapy (no groups at this stage), telehealth, online group classes and face-to-face land-based Exercise Physiology during lockdown with strict COVID-safe precautions.

If you are injured, have a chronic health condition, or need a plan to improve your health and wellbeing, call us today on 6156 2223!

Stay home, stay safe.

Love, Rach and Kirra

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