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Her Workout: Six guidelines to thrive

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Canberra, we are “iso’d in”. Isolated. Inside. With no timeframe.

In January I wrote a Her Canberra article about being “smoked in”, and exercises you could do during the bush fires. So, it seems appropriate to write an article about being “iso’d in”.

In order to thrive 80% of the time, and survive 20% while being “iso’d in”, I’ve set myself six guidelines to follow. Oh, and did I mention the three little kids, too? Sounds like a fantastic isolated mess! Here’s how I survive:

1) “Today’s going to be a good day”

Every day, multiple times a day, I repeat a simple mantra, out loud for my entire family to hear.

It’s usually when things are starting to get out of control (eg: baby is being fussy/teething, the three-year-old is snatching stuff that isn’t his and the five-year-old needs attention).

Before I say it, I ground both feet, so I’m present and mindful and I also try to gently say it with a smile and even some eye contact on one of them!

“Today’s going to be a good day.”

Works 80% of the time.

mantra is a positive affirmation you’re trying to invoke within you —anything that feels true when you repeat it. Find a mantra that works for you; or feel welcome to copy mine.

2) Have a strong TTA (Things To Achieve) list

Write it down. Review the list after lunch and afternoon tea.

Highlight what you’ve achieved and start with the easy tasks first, so it starts the positive momentum. Each day we have been doing “one new thing” every day—yesterday we climbed up Mt Painter and sat on the big rock.

3) Choose one quick self-care initiative before the day starts. I emphasis the word “quick” if you’re time-poor.

This is a deal breaker for me. I always do my cold-hot-cold shower. Other examples:

  • Wash your face and give it a good massage around your jaw
  • Lay down, take five breaths with feet up against the wall
  • Sit outside for two minutes and listen to what external noises you can hear
  • 10 push-ups to breath

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simple, quick and effective is all you need.

4) Exercise the kids before you start the daily grind

There’s is no homeschooling happening at my place until we all go for a walk or ride.

It resets their little fragile brains and we approach the day as if we had just walked to school. Refreshed, energized and focused.

5) Pick a time every day to sweat for at least 20 mins

Exercise is wonderful for your immune system, mental health and cardiorespiratory health.

Try this little workout break: 5 mins warm-up; then 30 secs of an increased intensity exercise, and 30-sec active recovery x 10; then 5 min warm down.

It is a fun & simple workout which is great for variety and targets the heart and lungs.

6) Give your spine a break

Take movement breaks every hour if you’re working from home at a desk.

Here’s a two minute routine for you with three different movements and three repetitions—it’s called HER WORKOUT BREAK.

  1. A) STANDING LATERAL STRETCH (hold for 5 sec) x 3
  2. B) SPINAL TWIST (holding for 5sec) x 3
  3. C) LUNGE STRETCH (hold for 30secs)

A two-minute taste tester clip is coming to HerCanberra’s Instagram later today and you can print the program here with all the “How To” details.

Also, every Tuesday at 11 am we are going LIVE on the Capital Hydrotherapy Facebook page with a new 10-15 minute stay-at-home workout, or follow Capital Hydrotherapy on YouTube for free exercise workouts.

How do you find your regular workout break? Do you have a set routine?

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