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Social sport with pub crawls and good, clean fun? Sign us up!

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Ah, sport. It keeps us fit, healthy, and even social—but what if you just want to have fun?

You know what we mean. The not too serious, not too intimidating, maybe (and we mean maybe) gain a new skill kind of fun. But if you don’t know your netball from your volleyball, finding the perfect team to join can feel discouraging.

Urban Rec Canberra is here to change that.

Designed specifically to make sport accessible for people who want to re-ignite the fun in physical activity, try something new, or who are ready to move away from a top-level competitive environment, Donald Thomas brought the club to Canberra four years ago.

With a spectacular range of mixed sports leagues for players of all abilities, Urban Rec offers memberships for the more ‘classic’ sports as well as multisport and dodgeball. That’s right–dodgeball.

“We’ve got about 2000 people that play with us each week,” says Donald. “It’s a different kind of environment of sport, it’s really social and fun rather than being competitive. People still like to win, but they’re not rude about it.”

“The environment is very friendly to everyone, especially beginners.”

With no affiliation to a sports club, the Urban Rec leagues are more flexible than your average social sports team. With the prospect of La Niña or COVID interrupting scheduled games, Donald explains if you pay for ten games, you play ten games.

“We have the opportunity to run whatever sports are popular and whatever sports people want to play,” says Donald. “So, we’re quite flexible when it comes to playing.”

The best part is, if you don’t know the rules of your chosen sport there’s no need to worry–the staff go through the rules with all players on week one and continue coaching throughout the season.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Unlike other sporting clubs, Urban Rec gives each team has the chance to give “UR Fun Points” to their opposition with a major prize for being the most fun team up for grabs at the end of the season.

Providing the chance to let them know what you thought of your opposition team, it’s a way to make sure all games are good, clean fun.

“If you’ve never tried a sport before, we’re the place to go and try it out in a safe environment, in an environment where you’re not going to go against someone who’s a professional player that’s just going to murder you and make you feel horrible,” says Donald.

With end-of-season parties, social events, and pub crawls organised as part of the member perks, popping out for an end-of-game drink and a few laughs will become a regular part of your Urban Rec experience.

Sign up individually or bring along your own team and for 10 weeks you’ll be on the field running around, jumping, leaping, throwing, catching, or dodging—whatever you prefer.

You might not win a game, but you’ll definitely have some fun.

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