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20+ events to get you out of the house this weekend

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From Naked Magicians (you did read that right), to the Capital Film Festival and the best of Canberra’s artists and musicians, this jam-packed list will feel like a warm hug on a cold weekend.

Come on fellow hermits, rug up and go forth.

Looking for even more to do in Canberra? Check out our new What’s On section to find hundreds of events happening around town.

Capital Film Festival

Settle in for some good old-fashioned movie magic at the Capital Film Festival as they welcome the very best in local and world cinema, including a mix of movie-length features, shorts and documentaries from festivals around the globe. Audiences will laugh, cry and marvel at the line-up secured this year. Tempted? You should be.

Until Sunday 26 June |  Dendy Cinemas Canberra | capitalfilmfestival.com.au

Canberra Qwire Concert “Let the Rainbow Sing”

Canberra Qwire is back for their first concert of 2022, and it is one jam packed full of colour and songs that will get you clapping, tapping and maybe even singing along with songs from Dream a Little Dream to Alicia Key’s Good Job and everything in between! An afternoon of fun and music that will leave you feeling energised, entertained and uplifted.

Saturday 18 June | Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre “The B” | canberraqwire.org.au

The CBRWoman Winter Market

All your favourite local makers and creators from Canberra and surrounds are going to be in one place this Saturday at the CBRWoman Winter Market! With over thirty stalls in attendance, it is the perfect opportunity to find a treat for that special someone (or yourself!)

Support local women run businesses, by heading along to snag yourself some delicious food and drink or an extra winter layer to keep away the chill.

Saturday 18 June 10 am – 2 pm | The Fitters Workshop, Printers Way, Kingston |thecbrwoman.com.au/event/wintermarket

Fresh Funk: The Glass Slipper

If you loved Cinderella but always felt this yearning for a version with a modern hip-hop spin and a female princess who can choose her own path (which is very specific of you) Fresh Funk: The Glass Slipper is doing exactly that. Feel empowered and inspired by this punchy, energetic soundtrack and stunning choreography that will make you forget about your freezing toes and the ice that’s slowly forming on your car window. Eek!

Sunday 19 June | Tuggeranong Arts Centre | tuggeranongarts.com

An Aboriginal Culinary Journey

See First Nations objects from the National Museum of Australia’s collection alongside a newly commissioned range of appliances featuring stunning designs from contemporary artists in An Aboriginal Culinary Journey: Designed for Living.

Part of the Breville Art Series, this exhibition is a partnership between First Nations peoples, Breville and the National Museum of Australia, producing objects for the heart of the home that celebrate contemporary design and reflect 65,000 years of ongoing Indigenous culture.

Until 7 August | National Museum of Australia | nma.gov.au

The Naked Magicians

After sold-out shows in 300+ cities around the globe The Naked Magicians, are on their way to the Canberra Theatre Centre (yes, you read that right). Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne are the creators and co-stars of this R-rated magic show who deliver world-class magic and non-stop laughs while wearing nothing but a top hat and a smile.

Expect an orgy of magic, comedy, and nudity–perfect for date night or the ultimate girls’ night out. If that can’t get you out of the house, we don’t know what will.

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June | The Playhouse, Canberra Theatre Centre | canberratheatrecentre.com

Fête de la Musique

Be transported to the heart of Paris with Fête de la Musique. Typically celebrated in France as the start to summer, Alliance Française are hosting their very own party right here in Canberra.

Complete with live music, mulled wine, cheese, croque-monsieur and viennoiseries; there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Tickets are $15 for non-members and %15 off for members, you can buy them in advance or straight at the event.

5 pm Sunday 19 June | Alliance Française, 66 McCaughey Street, Turner | afcanberra.com.au

Psychic and Wellbeing Festival

It’s time to align chakras folks and nourish our mind, body and soul. Perfect for those who have had a stressful work week and are in desperate need of a Sacred Cacao ceremony or a psychic reading for those of us who feel an existential crisis coming on this weekend, the Psychic and Wellbeing Festival is in Canberra to devote a weekend entirely to you. There’s plenty of creative workshops and wellness markets filled with crystals, yoga wear and all that healthy, good for your body stuff in between.

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June | Exhibition Park | Tickets via Eventbrite

Boho Luxe Market

While we might not be able to live out our boho Bryon Bay beach goddess fantasy in Canberra, the Boho Luxe Market gives us the opportunity to transport ourselves momentarily. From creative workshops, sound healings and cacao ceremonies to a range of music, art, fashion, jewellery, entertainment and amazing food, it has everything you need. What icy cold breeze? I can’t feel anything.

Saturday 18 June 10am- 5pm, Sunday 19 June 10am- 4pm| Budawang Pavilion, EPIC Canberra Showgrounds | Tickets are $5 for a day or $10 for the weekend at Eventbrite.

Daily Guided Walks: Fire and Water

While frolicking around the Botanical Gardens can bring unfretted, childlike joy, sometimes it’s nice to know what the plants you are looking at actually are. Learn their history, their beauty and inner workings with the Botanical Garden’s knowledgeable guides. The guided Fire and Water walk is one not to be missed, an exploration of how fire affects our natural landscapes, and the duality of how certain plants react to this intense heat (like how some plants rely on or respond well to fire, while others are killed by fire). Useful for those who often forget to water the garden.

Until Monday 1 August | Australian National Botanic Gardens | parksaustralia.gov.au/botanic-gardens

Kate Nixon: On Reflection

Your rubbish bin won’t look the same after experiencing Kate Nixon’s latest installation in the Smokestack Gallery. This talented artist’s creativity is firing on every cylinder, working on multiple fields of experimentation at once. Fascinated by the physical experience and repetitive nature of mosaic and utilising the transformative properties of glass, mirror and light, Kates act of covering every visible surface of garbage bins with mirror mosaic challenges our preconceived notions of preciousness, domestic obligations and arts and crafts in the home. Experience it this weekend and give a moment of humble adoration for your household bin.

Until  Monday 15 August | Canberra Glassworks | canberraglassworks.com

Delene White: Flower Power

Prepare to be inspired by the beautiful and oh-so-delicate sculptural garden of Delene White. Her work is made from fabricated sheets of fibreglass and speaks of her own memories and—as we come out of COVID-19 lockdown—may also reflect the experience of others’ welcome and a glow of hope. Its gentle sway and beautiful lighting will give you shudders, as the startlingly intimate and disarming exhibition has the power to calm any angst about a long, cold work week.

Until Saturday 25 June | Canberra Museum and Gallery | cmag.com.au

Siblings—Botanic Inspirations

A beautiful glimpse inside the minds of Pam Frederick and Joan Asmussen, this exhibition celebrates the connection of siblings to nature and demonstrates the artistic expression of indigenous flora using mosaics and recycled plant materials, visualised through varying artistic practises.

Pam‘s work consists of stylised representations of Australian native flora in mosaic form. A combination of wall hangings suitable for external and or internal display and utilitarian lazy-Susan’s with accompanying matching cheese boards. The latter are handcrafted in native timber from red gum, celery pine and silver wattle. In contrast, Joan’s work focuses on contemporary, woven fibre art: vessels and sculptures using harvested and recycled garden plants and other recycled materials. How can you resist?

Until Friday 26 June | Visitor Centre Gallery, Australian National Botanic Gardens | parksaustralia.gov.au/botanic-gardens

The Initiation by Cathy Petocz

Attention, all horror lovers, this one is for you! Set in the Twilight Bush of Black Mountain, six seemingly normal teenagers enter a world untethered to the comforts of reality. As night falls and time keeps shifting around, they realise they are lost and when a knife keeps turning up—despite their efforts to get rid of it—they fear they’ll never come out alive.

The Initiation is about the horrors of the early teen experience, that uncanny period between childhood and fully becoming an adult, and the scary things you feel you have to do to get through.

Until Sunday 19 June |  The Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre | canberratheatrecentre.com.au

Photography Workshop: Introduction to Black and White Darkroom Photography

Always had a burning desire to become a photographer? Now’s your chance my friend. Photo Access is running a workshop covering the basics of black-and-white photography – from capturing images to printing in the darkroom. You will learn how to develop film, make contact sheets and print individual images.

Whether you are a first-time film photographer or are looking for a refresher course, this two-day workshop is the perfect way to delve into the world of black and white photography and darkroom printing. Perhaps a career change is on the horizon this weekend?

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June | 30 Manuka Circle, Griffith | photoaccess.org.au

Parklands at UC Hub

After a tricky couple of years for live music (thanks COVID), Parklands are excited to grace our ears with their new single “Headrush”. With the four-piece taking a step away from garage rock toward apocalyptic beach rock , the winter leaves shouldn’t be the only thing dancing this weekend.

Saturday 18 June | UC Hub| Tickets via Moshtix 

Rapt in Felt: Fashion Parade

Looking to reinvent your wardrobe this weekend? Ugh, I know, getting rid of clothes that no longer spark joy can feel like banging your head against a brick wall. So why not get a gulp of fresh air and some fashion inspo at Rapt in Felt fashion parade? If you can’t make it to one of the two fashion parades on Saturday 18 July, you can bid for garments in the online auction which closes at 4.30pm the same day. It’s a celebration of life’s little (big) joys, clothes.

Saturday 18 June | canfelt.org.au

Canberra Kids Market

Because why should adults have all the fun? The Canberra Kids Market is the capital’s oldest market for young ones. Discover new, handmade and pre-loved clothes, toys, books, games, accessories, furniture, prams, strollers, and equipment for babies and toddlers. It’s excellent for those supporting a sustainable lifestyle, helping to reduce waste by recycling quality goods that are too precious to discard.

Sunday 19 June | Fitters Workshop, Printers Way, Kingston | canberramarkets.net.au

Between You and Me: Eggpicnic Solo Exhibition

From the design duo that brought us the sulphur-crested Cockatoo balloon Instagram filter  comes a solo exhibition celebrating the undeniable bond humans have with animals. Eggpicnic’s first solo exhibition in Canberra, it includes large-format flocks of hand-painted birds, sculptures in different mediums, original sketches, over 30 new prints, augmented reality and animation.

Until Saturday 16 July | 10 Mildura St, Griffith | thors.com.au/exhibitions/eggpicnic

The Alice – An Immersive Cocktail Experience

Fall down the rabbit hole and come along on a 90-minute topsy-turvy journey into the magical realm of Wonderland. Brought to you by the interactive team behind The Wizard’s Den, Beyond Cinema, and A.K Wregg, this immersive cocktail adventure is the tea party to end all tea parties.

Join them for a theatrical, alternate reality experience that will take you down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass! Across 90 minutes you will create two bespoke Wonderland cocktails, solve riddles and challenges just like Alice, devour “Eat Me” cakes and cookies, paint the roses red and much, much more!

Until 31 Dec | Zoo Bar, London Circuit | Tickets $49.50pp via explorehidden.com

Reception this way: motels – a sentimental journey with Tim Ross

Travel around Australia revisiting your memories of the classic Aussie motel, from family holidays and long road trips to continental breakfasts and mid-century mod-cons.

In a land where the car has provided us with the ultimate freedom to hit the road and explore, it is no surprise that Australians wholeheartedly embraced the American concept of the motel. When motels began springing up in the 1950s, they represented a new, stylish and sophisticated way to travel.

Join National Archives and Tim Ross on a driving holiday through the quintessential Australian experience of staying in a motel. And find out why these images are part of the National Archives’ collection.

This exhibition is supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach Program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians.

Until 4 Sep | National Archives of Australia | naa.gov.au

Shakespeare to Winehouse: Icons from the National Portrait Gallery, London

From Shakespeare to Winehouse, Darwin to Dickens, the Beatles, Brontë sisters and Beckham, the National Portrait Gallery London holds the world’s most extensive collection of portraits. While they undergo the largest renovation of their building in 125 years, more than 80 treasures from their collection are on show in Canberra for this exclusive exhibition.

Until 17 July | National Portrait Gallery | portrait.gov.au

Fourth National Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony

Ceremony remains central to the creative practice of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. From the intimate and personal to the collective and collaborative, ceremonies manifest through visual art, film, music and dance. This immersive exhibition and program of events will challenge and unsettle; animate and heal.

Through the work of 35 artists from around Australia, Ceremony reveals how the practice of ceremony is at the nexus of Country, culture and community.

Until 31 July | National Gallery of Australia | nga.gov.au

Feature image: Kate Nixon, On Reflection (detail), 2022, found objects and recycled mirror. Via facebook.com/canberraglassworks

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