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Art, Not Apart: Top Events Not To Miss

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Looking for a little Art, Not Apart inspiration this Saturday? We’ve got you covered.

From music to theatre and visual art to kids activities, there’s something for everyone at Art, Not Apart this year. The New Acton precinct and Westside Acton Park will come alive with sound and colour this Saturday 19 March from 1-7pm followed by after parties, so clear your schedule – it’s going to be big!


Experience an art installation like no other. Under 100 people will experience Extinction during Art Not Apart and if you’re game enough to be one of them, you’ll be immersed – literally – into a truly unique installation.

The installation description says that “the festival invites participants to experience a physical and emotional narrative by entering darkness and emerging into light.” The exact nature of this experience has been kept a close secret, however the ticket’s terms and conditions reveal that it involves light, sound, water, immersion and is clothes optional…

If you loved or wanted to try James Turrell’s Perceptual Cell at the NGA – Extinction is the ultimate Art Not Apart experience for you.

Happening at Westside Acton Park, from 11.30am. Tickets are selling quickly and will sell out so click here for more details. 

Moira Finucane

Straight from a run of performances in Latin America, internationally renowned performance artist Moira Finucane (pictured) will be bringing her unique style of cabaret, burlesque, circus and drama to Art, Not Apart.

Moira blurs the boundaries between genres and presents confronting and memorable spectacles that centre on freedom, power and desire. With her company Finucane and Smith, she has won 15 international theatre awards including the Patrick White Playwright Award and the 2015 International Theatre Institute’s CHAMACO AWARD for Cuba’s International Presentation of the Year. She will be bringing all sorts of surprises to Art, Not Apart.

From 5-5.15pm, Nishi Grand Stair + a super secret performance at night

SPEAR by Bangarra Dance Theatre

SPEAR is the story of a young Aboriginal man named Djali (Hunter Page-Lochard) who travels from the outback to the streets of Sydney and attempts to understand the influence of his ancient traditions in the modern world.

Artistic director and choreographer Stephen Page brings this subtle dance performance to the screen in his feature film debut. While SPEAR features minimal dialogue, the Bangarra dancers’ performance evokes powerful emotions and resonates with audiences on a deep level.

Happening at the National Sound and Film Archives at 12pm, 2pm, 6pm and 8pm

Contain(ed) by Walrus and Ross Walker

Contain(ed) is a collaboration between painter and sculptor Walrus and actor and NIDA student Ross Walker. These artists have combined mesmerising sculpture and dynamic performance to create an installation that explores themes of containment versus freedom, whether it is within the womb, a prison or the home.

This juxtaposition encourages the audience to reflect on the Patterns of Now that order our modern world and our place within them.

Taking place in Kendall Lane, happening every 30 mins from 2-7pm

Blue Gum Community School Interactive Area – Sonic Symposium

The Sonic Symposium is the place for anyone ages 0-99 to explore the relationship between sound, music and art. Adults can watch from Parlour Bar while kids play, or get involved in making some experimental music. Patterns of sound will be created from each individual’s creativity and this space will make sure everyone is entertained.

John Avery Gardens, 1-7pm. Click here for location details.

Finches Folly by Nicola Dickson

Nicola Dickson is a Canberra artist who focuses on the representation of nature in visual art. Her paintings and drawings are held in several public collections including Parliament House and the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Nicola’s detailed objects and paintings at Art, Not Apart will be complemented by a soundscape of bird song and music box refrains. Prepare to question your perception of birds and their environment through Nicola’s fantastical interpretations.

Happening at the A.Baker Basement from 1-7pm

#litchalk by Sarah St Vincent Welsh

Sarah St Vincent Welch is a Canberra based poet, writer and image-maker. Through #litchalk, Sarah will create fragments of poetry scattered with chalk around Art, Not Apart that discuss the people, places and ideas of the festival.

They will also be live tweeted to Twitter, so festival attendees will be surrounded by literary reminders of the transience of art. Sarah is intrigued by how far her musings can reach in both the physical and online worlds.

Happening Here and There from 1-7pm. Click here for more details. 

the essentials

What: Art Not Apart
Where: Across a variety of locations in NewActon, Acton, Westside Acton Park and West Basin. See website for more information.
When: Saturday 19 March
More information: See the website

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