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Johnathan Efkarpidis’s NewActon Arty Finds

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Johnathan Efkarpidis, creator of the NewActon precinct, offers his take on the must-see arty finds.

Jonathan has been raising the bar for thoughtful design in new developments across Canberra for decades, his passion for placemaking as fierce as his dedication to Canberra’s unique and vibrant arts scene.

Here he shares five of his favourite cultural activities in the Canberra city.


There’s nothing like the opening night of one of Palace Electric’s film festivals. I particularly enjoy the Italian, French and Greek festivals.

You can mingle with old and new friends before the film, which is preceded by interesting (and often comic) speeches by film buffs and the odd ambassador.


My next favourite would have to be sitting on or admiring Ainslie’s Sheep, a sculpture which was installed during my mid-20s.

I recall the odd moment when being out with friends and having a little too much to drink, we stumbled across them and had a short rest there.


I would then move on to the Canberra Theatre Centre (opened in 1965), specifically the feel of watching theatre in the Playhouse or the intimacy of the Courtyard Studio. I especially enjoy watching the Short + Sweet Theatre festival.


The Time Thief is a sculpture built in NewActon around a vintage clock, and surrounded by greenery and cobblestones.

Not only is it a beautiful piece, but it is meaningful to me as it is dedicated to one of my closest friends who I lost in 2011.


The 1914 Merry-Go-Round which was purchased for Canberra in 1973, the year of my birth.

It holds special moments for me when I was a child and my mother worked in a shoe shop nearby, and now the same experiences I had as a child I share with my kids.

Feature image: Johnathan Efkarpidis by Ashley St George / Pew Pew Studio

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