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Fun ways to prepare for the end of lockdown (and support local while you’re at it)

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T-minus one week and counting, Canberra.

This time next week, the ACT will have officially come out of lockdown on Friday 15 October and we’ll all be living a little differently—whether that’s seeing more friends and family in-person, visiting a restaurant (yes! Remember them?) or heading out for a haircut.

But because a week can seem an age, we’re here with some fun (and practical!) suggestions on how to get yourself ready for the lifting of lockdown restrictions—and support local in the process.

Want to know what’s changing on Friday 15 October? See

Book your favourite venue

It’s been a long nine weeks for our beloved restaurants, cafes and bars—so why not show them some love in advance?

With restrictions easing on Friday 15 October to allow for a maximum of 25 people per licensed venue (or one person for four square metres), take a moment to book a table at your favourite local—or three!

After all, getting out of lockdown (and to 95% first-dose vaccination rates in the ACT!) sure is something to celebrate!

Buy more masks

You may have been one of those people who stocked up on reusable masks at the start of lockdown or you may be one of those people who handwash their small number of masks religiously (surely it’s not just me) and make do.

Well, masks are here to stay, and people (ahem, me) need to get with the program because post-lockdown our daily walks and visits to the supermarkets aren’t going to be our only outings (yipee!).

The solution? Buying masks ahead of time from Canberra’s own army of mask makers. Find our list here.

Book a staycation

Whether your idea of a getaway is popping up a tent in the wilderness or camping out in a five-star hotel, accommodation and camping are back on the menu from Friday 15 October.

Why not show our hotels some love and book a luxe staycation? Or if you’re keen to upgrade from five stars to ten thousand, check out ACT campgrounds for local beauty spots.

Plan a ‘love local’ shopping day

Many of Canberra’s smaller boutiques simply weren’t able to operate click-and-collect or delivery options throughout lockdown and it’s been a tough couple of months for them.

The solution? A ‘love local’ shopping day out where you wind your way through Canberra, stopping in at your favourite boutiques and stores. Take a friend or family member along for the ride, stop for coffee or lunch and make a day of it. Because you can!

With boutiques in almost every Canberra suburb and town centre, there are surely some new treasures to be discovered. You could even argue it’s because you need some new wardrobe items for spring…

Even if you don’t have a lot of cash to splash (because lockdown is, well, hard) just stopping in for a browse will surely brighten the spirits of shopowners across town.

Remember that Canberra’s fitness providers still need your help

The ACT’s lockdown might be lifting on Friday 15 October, but that doesn’t mean all businesses will snap back to a ‘new normal’.

Many of Canberra’s class-based wellness and fitness providers such as yoga and Pilates studios, dance studios and group fitness operators will still need your support until they can reopen on 29 October or later.

While we’re all looking forward to getting out and about more, why not take some time to think about what at-home online classes you might like to try?

Check out our bumper guide to local online fitness options for inspiration here.

Stock up on all those little things you didn’t need in lockdown

We’re not talking about your new favourite takeaway deliveries.

We mean little boring everyday don’t-need-them-until-you-need-them things like hayfever tablets (don’t get caught out!), fake tan (because there’s nothing healthy about a real tan), sunscreen and money on your Transport Canberra card so you can finally catch the tram again.

How about booking your car in for any services you may have missed while in lockdown or at least for the recommended pre-summer road trip service before Christmas? Your future self will thank you, as will our local garages.

Yes, we’re being serious. Thank us later.

Get on top of your cancelled beauty and wellbeing bookings

Hair appointment cancelled because of lockdown? How about your nail, eyelash, brow, spray tan, massage or tattoo appointments?

Our advice? Don’t try to rebook before you do some research.

Many of Canberra’s face to face appointment-based businesses are in overdrive trying to rebook customers whose appointments were lost to the lockdown and they likely have a system in place.

We suggest you make a list of your cancelled appointments and check the websites or social media accounts of the related businesses to see what information they’ve put out.

You may be surprised at what you might find—like as a specific way to contact them to rebook, or a date when they’ll be getting in touch with you.

Spring clean

One HerCanberra team member suggested a thorough pre-lockdown lifting house clean because “people will actually be coming over” while another added that a lot of us may need to thoughtfully dispose of the recycling (ahem, “empties”) we may have amassed over lockdown. Just us?

Another idea was to use the final weekend of lockdown to change over your wardrobe from winter to spring/summer—because you’re not going to be needing that coat for work anymore!

Feel like you need to spring clean your lifestyle? Nutritionist Kate Freeman has some tips and tricks here.

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