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Apparently Canberra has been named the ‘karaoke capital of the world’…?

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Here at HerCanberra, we get a lot of unique media releases. But one we received last week spoke to us on a personal level. Naturally, it was about karaoke.

British power provider USwitch (kind of like their ActewAGL?) wanted to let us know that through crunching worldwide data around karaoke, they’d come across the fact that Canberra was the “karaoke capital of the world” with 7.57 karaoke bars per capita—35 in total across the city. They even had flash graphics to prove it.

Naturally, there are some capital cities that punch above their weight, such as Tokyo with 104 (perhaps unsurprising for the birthplace of karaoke) and London’s 68 karaoke venues.

But there are also some that seem very lacking in the belting-out-Livin’-On-A-Prayer-so-hard-you-almost-blackout area. Poor Copenhagen only has 12! The horror!

At HerCanberra, we care about this cause deeply, our team’s mutual adoration of karaoke discovered through a Christmas Party booking at 88MPH a couple of years ago.

We sang, we laughed, we cried, our boss Amanda rapped Ice Ice Baby to perfection. It was a defining moment for all of us.

But for those who haven’t experienced the sweet sound of your colleagues or friends singing a slightly off-key power-duet to Don’t Stop Believin’, we want to share the magic.

While we couldn’t find all 35 karaoke venues USwitch seemed to believe exist in Canberra, here is a small selection of our favourite karaoke venues.


80s karaoke heaven. Two dedicated karaoke rooms and an 80s-themed nightclub complete with a light-up dancefloor.

Karaoke at Bootleg

For those who loved the old Karaoke Tuesdays at Transit Bar—they’re back! You can now enjoy Karaoke Thursdays at Bootleg in Garema Place.

Soundbox Karaoke and Bar

Massive rooms and even bigger song selections in Dickson. Dinner on Woolley Street + Soundbox = heaven.

K-Bar Karaoke

Belco’s answer to karaoke-mania. Big rooms and great mics that seem to autotune you to perfection. We love to see it.

Hey Show Karaoke

We haven’t personally visited Hey Show (yet!) but their themed rooms and central location look like a winner to us.

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