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Canberra is getting a drive-in cinema—and it opens this weekend

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COVID-19 seems to have resurrected a number of wonderful things from times gone by—baking bread from scratch, getting to know your neighbours, writing letters…

So it was only a matter of time before Canberra saw a drive-in cinema.

This weekend, Canberra Airport will open the gates to Canberra’s newest cinema—Park-In Pictureslocated in Majura Park shopping centre’s expansive parking lot.

A classic drive-in experience—and quite the novelty for those too young to remember Watson’s Starlight Drive-In—Park-In Pictures will boast the full drive-in experience, with food and drink available to purchase and audio via the car radio.

Open on Friday and Saturday evenings, each night will feature two films—an early family-friendly offering, and then later showing for adults, with screenings scheduled for at least six weeks.

A collaboration between Canberra Airport, Screencraft Canberra and Park-In Pictures, Melissa Evans, Head of Marketing and Communications for Canberra Airport, says that it’s a bit of fun for a community just starting to emerge from shutdown.

“Together we saw a great opportunity to provide fun and entertainment for the community at a time when we are all doing it tough,” says Melissa.

“Come and enjoy a wonderful and nostalgic experience in the comfort of your car, bring your own snacks or support our food operators that have been doing it tough, and have a safe night out for the family.”

This week, guests can bring their own snacks or order from Vietnamese from cult-favourite Ms Ba Co, with weeks to come including offerings from Zambrero, Oporto and Subway.

For Michael Fardell, Founder and CEO of Screencraft Canberra, the drive-in represents a way for Canberrans to connect through film during these difficult times.

“We love Canberra and our Canberra community, and of course we love film. To be able to share great films with Canberrans in such a wonderful and fun way as a drive-in is a pleasure for Screencraft.”


What: Park-In Pictures Canberra
Where: Majura Park Shopping Centre
When: Opens Friday 19 June until 25 July (at least)
Tickets available now at majuraparkshopping.com.au


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