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Four shows to binge watch this week—without a streaming subscription

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Binged all of Netflix? Streamed all of Stan? Done your dash with Disney+?

You know there’s a world of TV to be accessed online for free…right?

Don’t get me wrong, I got on the Tiger King bandwagon like the rest of the world, but many of my favourite shows aren’t on streaming services—they’re available for free on platforms like SBS On Demand and ABC iView and they’re completely free to stream. Thank us later.


My current obsession, The Capture, is perfect for those who love a gritty British crime drama.

A stylish and confident Holliday Grainger plays rising star DI Rachel Carey, who is assigned to a murder case that centres on a recently exonerated soldier.

With an investigation that includes potentially dodgy CCTV footage, shady M15 interventions and a multi-layered conspiracy, you’ll be hooked from the first minute (yes, I am that confident).

Watch if you loved: The Fall, Shetland, Broadchurch.

SHRILL (SBS on Demand)

An adaptation of Lindy West’s autobiography of the same name, SNL favourite Aidy Bryant plays Annie, a 30-something journalist navigating the hipster mecca of Portland, Oregon.

Tackling issues like fat-shaming, online trolls and unwanted pregnancy in a darkly humorous, deeply touching way, Shrill is the thoroughly modern career-girl-tackling-life show that you’ve been looking for.

Watch if you loved: Girls, Sex and the City, Broad City.


One of the most fascinating reality shows I’ve seen in a long time, You Can’t Ask That sits a group of marginalised and misunderstood Australians down and asks them the kinds of questions you would never, ever ask in public.

Think: asking a nudist “are you really just a pervert?” or asking a deaf person “what does your voice sound like?”.

Through giving these people a platform to express themselves and explain misconceptions around their background, culture, identity or actions, you not only learn about people you probably should know more about anyway but discover that deep down, we’re all just people.

Must watch episodes include: Disaster Survivors, Deaf People, Down Syndrome, Alcoholics, Sex Workers, Nudists, Facial Difference, Polyamorous and, my personal favourite, Centenarians (people over 100 years old). Have some tissues nearby, these people are national treasures.


Looking for quick and easy junk food for your brain? Look no further than You’re the Worst.

A smart, snappy little Hollywood confection, this laugh out loud comedy follows self-confessed horrible people Gretchen and Jimmy as they navigate life and love in Los Angeles—while trying not to fall in love with each other, obviously.

Full of hilarious misunderstandings, witty British humour and “hot mess” characters, You’re the Worst is easy, fun watching at its best.

Watch if you loved: Friends, 90s sitcoms, anything with Adam Sandler in it.

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