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Meet Canberra’s answer to The Betoota Advocate

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What do you get when you combine Canberra with a parody of the iconic Betoota Advocate? 

The ‘Berran, an Instagram account self-described as locally sourced satire, puts a spin on broader social observation of niche Canberra things that only Canberrans understand.

Created by David, unassuming Canberran by day and hobbyist screenwriter by night, The ‘Berran has zingers like “Canberra school leaver must decide between Public Service and contracting for the Public Service” and “Cardboard box in Red Hill sets house-price record with $4.4 million sale”, hitting the quirks of Canberra with ease. 


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Growing up across the border in Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra, David brings his own insider knowledge thanks to experience writing for other satirical pages, including Australian satire news site The Shovel.

 “I noticed cities in America all had their own satire page. It’s like this hyperlocal content that we love, and we locals would get,” says David. 

“So a couple of weeks ago, I thought ‘Why don’t we try that with Canberra? There’s a lot going on here’.”

Starting off with 10 ideas and using tongue-in-cheek humour, David said he’s trying to avoid the clichés often associated with Canberra and instead is focusing on hyper-local topics, from Mooseheads to Braddon McDonald’s. 


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“I’m trying to really target things that only people in Canberra would get and understand,” he says.

“It’s very much about trying to bring it back to a local business like Frugii or a personality like Nick Kyrgios. I try as much as possible to make it even more local, there’s a couple posts here about Braddon just because it seems like an easy target for us!”

While he’s happy to keep posting on Instagram for now, David says one day he may take a leaf from The Shovel and The Betoota Advocate to write accompanying news stories as he continues to lampoon local businesses and institutions. 

“I’m just letting it grow organically at this stage, there’s no real kind of solid goals…I’m really, really proud, I’m really happy with the response.” 

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