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Physical Distancing, Canberra foodie style

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What does 1.5 metres of physical distance look like? We break it down, Canberra foodie style.

After a couple of months of physical distancing, you’d think Canberrans would have got the hang of this whole ‘keep 1.5 metres apart’ deal. But anyone who braved one of the city’s shopping centres last weekend probably has a different story to tell.

And as restrictions start to ease, and people start to leave their homes and come together more frequently, maintaining our distance is only going to become more important.

So, prompted by ACT Health’s super-cute native animal guide to physical distancing when enjoying our national parks (just remember to stay four platypuses apart, ok?), we thought we’d put together our own—Canberra foodie style.

20 quintessentially Canberran foodie ways to remember what 1.5 metres* looks like

*ish – the only tools used to devise these estimates were Google, vague memory of how big some of these things are, and a 15cm ruler borrowed from one of our kids.


15 x large takeaway ONA Coffees. Make ours a Black Betty flat white, thanks.

10 x Pattisez FreakShakes

5 x loaves of Three Mills Bakery sourdough

10 x Ms Ba Cô bánh mì

42 x Dream Cuisine macarons

10 x bottles of The Canberra Distillery x HerCanberra French Earl Grey Gin

8 x Brodburgers (Brod, of course…)

Nearly 19 bottles of Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier

10 x Frugii ice cream cones laid end to end, or about 30 standing up – your choice!

15 x eightysix Banoffee Pies

7.5 x Yarralumla Turkish Halal Pide House Kebab Rolls

18 x Mee’s Sushi rolls

10 x Mr Papa Chanchitos

30 x BentSpoke Barley Griffins

5 x Agostinis pizzas

10 bags of Kingley’s (awesome) Chips

About 18 Hungry Brown Cows

Nearly 6 Lola and Lola’s Ube Chiffon Cakes (OMG)

15 x Lazy Su Wagyu Cheesesteak Spring Rolls

10 x Zaab Watermelon Massacres (served takeaway style in a bag)—house-made citron vodka, watermelon, vanilla, apple and lemonade.

Inspired? Show us your own Canberra foodie physical distancing strategies by tagging us on Instagram!


Restrictions may have eased, but your responsibility hasn’t.

Find the most recent information regarding restrictions here:


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